Engaging, Can-Do Learning Systems


Engaging, Can-Do Learning Systems

Leon Battista Alberti said it best: “A man can do all things if he will.” Educators and organizations that apply 21st century skills in their learning systems demonstrate this fact. All over the world schools and organizations are using online tools and LMSs to encourage students to work together to solve environmental and societal problems.

One unique learning system that sprang from such concepts is the Global Challenge. Its co-founder, Vermont-based management consultant Craig DeLuca, had an epiphany one long weekend after a series of events. He read Tom Friedman’s “The World is Flat”; a client of his decided to outsource certain components of its operation; and his local school board proposed postponing the purchase of new science textbooks because of budget constraints.

DeLuca became concerned about America’s learning systems and future prosperity, and proposed his ideas to his Arno Group colleague in 2005. Thus, the Global Challenge project was born. (See the next post.)


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