Enjoying Online Courseware


Enjoying Online Courseware

Enjoying Online Courseware Another strategy for balancing your job and online courseware is to only work on one lesson or assignment at a time. Even if you receive a large lesson, try to break it up and focus on one piece at a time. This will help you avoid missing important information or forgetting to complete an assignment. Don’t rush through the work–enjoy it! Learning should be enjoyable, like a good meal.

Developing an online courseware routine is an essential aid to concentration. Find a quiet place to study. You’ve got a dentist appointment to cancel, a strange noise sounding from your car engine, the voices of CNN News from the other room making your heart race. Tune it all out. You need to be able to drown out all the distracting voices, real and mental. You need to be alone–just you and your online courseware, and maybe a cup of tea.


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