Ergonomics in Learning Management Systems


Ergonomics in Learning Management Systems

Ergonomics in Learning Management SystemsThe ease with which students with disabilities (and everyone else) interact with a learning management system can be aided through the use of ergonomic accessories. Ergonomics, the science of designing according to human needs, has made learning much easier and more comfortable for both people with disabilities and those without disabilities. The array of ergonomic accessories available that could aid the use of learning management systems is astounding. There are expanded, miniature, chorded (with one key per digit per hand) and other kinds of keyboards. Large print keyboards with high contrast colors, like black on yellow. Foot-operated mice. 

Accessible software one might use in creating a learning management systems includes sticky keys (eliminate necessity of moderator keys), Clicklock and Togglekeys, two Microsoft Windows features. Other more commonly used features are predictive text, spelling and grammar check. 

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