Etiquette Training on a Learning Management System


Etiquette Training on a Learning Management System

A learning management system can be integrated with social software programs that provide virtual space for conference calls and team meetings. Conference calls are a cost-effective way for groups to collaborate and discuss. But just like proper use of a learning management system, there are some basic tenets of conference call etiquette that should be heeded.

Being on time, introducing yourself when you speak, and choosing a quiet place for the call are essential. Don’t assume people recognize your voice–say your name before you speak. Never shuffle papers, scrape chairs, pencil tap, etc. Avoid speakerphones (background noise), mobile phones (static), and call waiting (unexpected beeps and tones).

Organize conference call etiquette training on your learning management system. Never having a conference interrupted by someone’s “hold” rock music will be worth the costs of some quick etiquette training.

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