Expert Learning System Enrichment, Pt. 1


Expert Learning System Enrichment, Pt. 1

Don’t underestimate the power of an outside professional to influence your LMS students. Experts and guest lecturers can have a major impact on all age groups, setting an example and bringing a fresh perspective to a face-to-face or virtual learning system.

For example, Stevens Elementary School in Seattle is just one of a growing number of schools across the country that have created collaborative learning systems with community groups, businesses, universities, and individual professionals to expand on traditional curricula in a cost-effective way.

At Stevens and several other Seattle schools, historian-in-residence Mary Anne Christy works with classroom teachers to plan lessons and activities, providing depth to a historical topic or period students are studying. The school’s vocal music teacher and artist-in-residence also meet weekly with each class, while the mathematician-in-residence plans enrichment lessons for students in accelerated math learning systems.

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