Expert Learning System Enrichment, Pt. 3


Expert Learning System Enrichment, Pt. 3

Arranging for professionals, experts and professors to create partnerships and enhance a classroom learning system is just what Stevens Elementary School in Seattle had in mind.

“As school budgets have gotten cut more and more, we’ve asked what do the children at our school need and how can the [PTA] help fill in holes or provide enrichment,” Wendy Saffel, a co-president of the Stevens PTA, told Education Week. “There’s a big wonderful world out there with people with all sorts of specialties and information, and we have learned how to tap into those resources.”

With budget constraints tightening on schools across the country and the world, new and creative ways to bring learning systems to life are called for. The use of LMSs, online courseware and collaborative tools can be complemented by experts. Specialists provide a cost-effective enrichment to school curricula.

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