Facebook Apps for Online Learning Systems, Pt. 2


Facebook Apps for Online Learning Systems, Pt. 2

There are certainly a few Facebook applications that aid students and could enhance LMS and classroom learning systems in various ways. There’s SkoolPool, which allows students to research online and traditional schools. Books iRead is an application that allows users to share the books they’re reading and check out others’ reviews of books.

But then you get to apps like Rate My Professors and Study Groups. Both sound innocent enough–you can find out reviews of professors before choosing to enroll in their learning systems, and Study Groups allows students to meet online and study together. However, these are two applications that have caused a good deal controversy and criticism.

Rate My Professors can be a major breach of privacy. It allows students (and non-students, faking identities) to post, if they feel like it, embarrassing or false information about professors. And though Study Groups has potential to act as an online, collaborative learning system, it has also caused its share of stirs. (Continued in next post.)


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