Fall Protection Certification: Top 12 Fall Protection Training Courses and Certification 2024

Fall Protection Training Certification Courses 2023

Fall Protection Certification: Top 12 Fall Protection Training Courses and Certification 2024

Anjali Dalal | Jun, 23 2023

OSHA Fall Protection and Prevention Training Online: Top 12 Training Courses and Certification


5,190 workers suffered from fatal work injuries at their workplace. It isn’t a scene from a dystopian novel – this is reality. The United States reality, as documented by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2021.

You might be startled to know these incidents result from something seemingly insignificant as a slip, trip, or fall.

Our focus here is not to alarm you but to give you the necessary information about these fall-related incidents and their detrimental impacts. You might be asking why this is significant.

To answer this, consider the long-term implications of such incidents –

  • The physical harm;
  • The psychological trauma;
  • The economic toll on families; and
  • The workforce at large.

These incidents often stem from one overlooked area: the lack of proper fall protection training.

But knowledge is your strongest ally in the fight against fall-related hazards in the workplace. This blog is a comprehensive guide designed to equip you with the top 12 fall protection online courses from Coggno.


Why Are Falls Dangerous in the Workplace?

Fall Protection Training: In the workplace, falls can be treacherous. They can often lead to severe injuries or, in the worst cases, fatalities. Despite their innocuous name, falls can result in life-altering conditions like:

  • Traumatic brain injuries;
  • Spinal cord damage; and
  • Multiple bone fractures.

Furthermore, the danger is not just physical. The psychological impact can be equally destructive. Post-traumatic stress disorder, fear, and anxiety often follow such incidents, decreasing productivity and job satisfaction.

Fall Protection: Rescues Course 


What Is Fall Protection?

Fall protection refers to the measures taken to prevent or minimize the risk of falls that could lead to injuries or fatalities. These measures range from personal protective equipment such as harnesses and lanyards to administrative controls like training for hazard recognition and safe work procedures.

It’s a strategic combination of safety practices, equipment, and training that form the bulwark against the potentially deadly threat of falls in the workplace.


Fall Protection Training Certification Courses


Who Needs Fall Protection Courses?

Every worker operating in an environment with fall hazards can significantly benefit from fall protection courses. For instance, construction workers often work at great heights, thus, are at a high risk of falls. Similarly, warehouse staff often work on elevated platforms, which pose a fall risk.

But the necessity of fall protection courses isn’t confined to these industries alone. Even in a seemingly safe office environment, slipping on a wet floor or a trip over loose carpeting could lead to a fall.

Therefore, a comprehensive understanding of fall protection measures is indispensable across sectors and roles.

Online Workplace Safety Training Courses for Employees


Do Fall Protection Online Courses Work?

Indeed, they do.

Fall Protection Online courses have emerged as a robust means for delivering fall protection training. These courses offer:

  • Flexibility;
  • Accessibility;
  • Opportunity for customization.

Furthermore, they allow employees to learn at their own pace, irrespective of their geographical location.

In addition, online courses often incorporate various learning tools like videos, quizzes, and simulations. They enhance understanding and retention of the subject matter.

Fall Protection Systems Course


What Is the Importance of Fall Protection Safety Courses?

The following are points that state the importance of fall protection safety courses:

  1. Reduced Incidents: Proper training can significantly decrease the frequency of fall-related incidents, contributing to a safer workplace.
  2. Compliance with Regulations: Organizations must adhere to OSHA regulations regarding fall protection. Failing to comply can result in severe penalties.
  3. Increased Productivity: A safe work environment cultivates employee confidence, thereby enhancing productivity.
  4. Economic Savings: Decreasing accidents reduces the financial burden of medical costs, workers’ compensation, and potential legal fees.
  5. Improved Reputation: Businesses that prioritize worker safety enjoy a positive reputation, which can aid in attracting and retaining talent.


Fall Protection Training Certification


What Are the Best Courses for Fall Protection?

Fall Protection Training Course – When it comes to fall protection courses, Coggno stands as a frontrunner. We offer diverse fall protection courses 2024 tailored to meet various industry requirements.

List of Top 12 Fall Protection Training Courses


Let’s look at some of them:

1. Fall Protection Course

The comprehensive “Fall Protection Course” offered by UL, a globally respected authority in safety science, meticulously addresses the grave issue of workplace falls. UL’s expertly designed course highlights the multifaceted nature of falls, which can lead to severe injuries or even fatalities each year.

This detailed program presents systems and procedures to prevent falls and protect workers from falling objects. Participants will be enlightened on the following:

  • Identification of common fall hazards;
  • Various types of fall protection equipment;
  • Critical components of a personal fall protection system;
  • The significance of inspecting fall protection gear;
  • Crucial facts about fall rescue plans

This 48-minute course is an invaluable investment for all workers aiming to enhance workplace safety. Furthermore, the course offers broad platform compatibility, ensuring learners can access the content on various systems.

The course is available in multiple languages, including English, French, Dutch, Korean, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian Canadian French, Japanese, and Chinese.

UL’s commitment to workplace safety is exemplified through this robust course, a significant contribution to minimizing workplace fall hazards.

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2. Fall Protection (US) Course

The esteemed author, UL, comes with another pivotal course, “Fall Protection (US).” This program is specifically crafted for those working in heights, encompassing roles that involve ladders and aerial lifts. The course emphasizes the prevention of falls, one of the most frequent causes of workplace injuries or fatalities. It delves into systems and procedures that deter falls and protect workers from falling objects.

As with all UL courses, this 43-minute session is exceptionally designed, integrating human and equipment-related aspects to adhere to OSHA’s fall protection standards.

The key learning objectives of the course include the following:

  • Identification of common fall hazards;
  • The recognition of equipment and methods that provide fall protection;
  • Understanding the components of a personal fall protection system;
  • The importance of inspecting fall protection equipment,
  • Vital information about fall rescue plans

Like all offerings from UL, this course serves to reaffirm its commitment to safeguarding employees, underlining its esteemed position as one of the industry’s leading safety training providers.

The course is also available in Spanish

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3. Fall Protection: Rescues Course

Following their venerable tradition of crafting high-quality safety training courses, UL presents “Fall Protection: Rescues.” This course addresses a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of safety in work environments involving heights – post-fall rescue procedures and the mitigation of suspension trauma.

In this focused 12-minute course, learners are provided with the necessary knowledge to handle post-fall situations where a worker is left suspended in midair. Such a situation can induce suspension trauma. It is a dangerous condition that can occur when the body is held upright without moving for a while. It can further lead to unconsciousness or, in severe cases, death.

Key learning objectives include the following:

  • Recognizing the potential consequences of fall suspension;
  • Understanding how suspension trauma occurs;
  • Learning how to mitigate the effects of suspension trauma;
  • Knowing what to include in fall rescue plans

As is typical of UL courses, this module is highly efficient, targeting relevant information to create a competent response team in the face of fall accidents. It is ideally suited for workers, supervisors, and managers who work in environments with fall hazards, maintaining UL’s reputation for providing comprehensive safety training.

The course is also available in Spanish

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4. Fall Protection Awareness Course

Renowned safety authority UL brings you another invaluable safety program – the “Fall Protection Awareness Course.” This concise yet comprehensive 45-minute course targets workers who operate at heights, a group significantly vulnerable to fall hazards.

With a keen focus on preventing workplace falls, the course details the systems and procedures crafted to prevent falls off, onto or through working levels. Learners will gain crucial insights into

  • Identifying common fall hazards;
  • Recognizing the types of equipment and methods that provide fall protection;
  • Listing the components of a personal fall protection system.

This compact, well-structured course is UL’s other remarkable stride in empowering workers with critical safety knowledge and reiterates their commitment to establishing safer workplaces globally.

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5. Fall Protection Awareness Online Training

Swift eLearning’s Fall Protection Awareness Online Training is a comprehensive course designed for anyone working at heights. This course meticulously covers the following:

  • Principles of fall protection;
  • The use of fall arrest equipment;
  • Practical insights on preventing slips, trips, and falls.

The course has chapters dedicated to the following:

  • Fall protection equipment;
  • Anchor systems;
  • System components;
  • Equipment inspection;
  • Maintenance

Furthermore, it provides detailed instructions on wearing full-body harnesses and devising effective fall protection plans. This 150-minute course does not provide a certificate upon completion but has a bookmark feature to save your progress.

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6. Fall Protection (Course)

Syntrio’s Fall Protection Course is an essential safety program for construction workers at elevated heights. The course aims to provide crucial knowledge of fall hazards and the appropriate usage of fall protection equipment, which could be the difference between life and death.

In this 45-minute course, learners will explore the following:

  • The risks associated with working at heights or on roofs;
  • How to efficiently mitigate these hazards.

With the provision of a certificate upon completion, this course enhances your safety skills and offers a tangible testament to your commitment to workplace safety.

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7. Fall Protection Systems VR Activity

360 Immersive Fall Protection Systems VR Activity is an advanced training course that offers a vivid, interactive simulation of a high-rise construction environment. This course emphasizes the diverse types of fall protection systems and underlines when and how to implement them.

It covers topics such as the following

  • Body belts;
  • Work positioning systems;
  • Travel restraint systems

Furthermore, the course fosters an awareness of potential hazards and the appropriate protective measures. This immersive, 15-minute virtual reality activity empowers learners to identify fall-related risks and select the most effective personal fall protection systems.

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8. Fall Protection Systems Inspection VR Activity

Another innovative course by 360 Immersive, the Fall Protection Systems Inspection VR Activity, is meticulously crafted for employees required to wear and maintain Personal Fall Arrest Systems (PFAS) for work.

This 20-minute VR activity offers interactive simulations to help learners understand the following:

  • Different types of PFAS;
  • Proper care;
  • The inspection process.

The course also guides learners on what to do when a PFAS is damaged, bolstering preventive measures against fall hazards. This immersive course proactively fosters safety in the construction industry by enabling learners to virtually inspect a harness and lanyard.


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9. Fall Protection Systems Donning VR Activity

Furthering its range of immersive training solutions, 360 Immersive presents the Fall Protection Systems Donning VR Activity. This engaging course aims to train learners on the correct procedures for donning a Personal Fall Arrest System (PFAS).

Participants are taught how to properly adjust and secure the system and prevent suspension trauma. A distinctive feature of this course is an interactive simulation that allows the learner to assist a virtual colleague in securing their harness correctly.

By the end of this 20-minute course, learners are equipped to safely use PFAS, enhancing safety and reducing potential risks in the construction environment.

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10. Fall Protection Systems Awareness VR Activity

Continuing its commitment to immersive safety training, 360 Immersive introduces the Fall Protection Systems Awareness VR Activity. This course provides detailed insights into various fall protection systems, conditions for their implementation, and how to safeguard against falling objects.

The course covers topics like

  • Body belts;
  • Work positioning systems;
  • Travel restraint systems.

With this, the course imparts heightened awareness of the job site environment and empowers learners to select the most suitable personal fall protection system.

Furthermore, learners can identify potential hazards and absent fall protection systems through a realistic VR simulation of a high-rise construction site. This 14-minute course is an indispensable resource for fostering a safety-conscious culture.

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11. Fall Protection

The Health & Safety Institute offers a comprehensive course titled “Fall Protection.” The course emphasizes the need to recognize and respect potential workplace fall hazards.

Within 9 minutes, it imparts crucial knowledge about the proper use and care of fall protection equipment, encouraging a proactive safety attitude to prevent falls.

The course’s content is significant for understanding the underlying physics of falls. Furthermore, it also ensures that when falls occur, employees are equipped with the knowledge to prevent long-distance falls and minimize injuries.

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12. Fall Prevention Safety V2.16 Course

The Fall Prevention Safety V2.16 Course by CDP Inc. Safeworkday SafetyPoints focuses on one of the most critical areas of occupational safety – fall protection. Leveraging data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the US Department of Labor, the course emphasizes the significance of identifying fall hazards and implementing suitable protection measures.

The course underscores that any worker at the height of four feet or more is at risk and needs protection, highlighting specific industry standards. This comprehensive course also considers the following:

  • The danger posed by equipment and machinery;
  • Underlining the necessity of fall protection regardless of the fall distance.

It’s an invaluable resource for employees keen to augment their knowledge of fall prevention safety and boost their workplace safety awareness.

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Why Choose Coggno for Fall Prevention and Protection Courses?

Coggno offers a comprehensive learning experience, combining theory with practical exercises to ensure thorough understanding and application. The courses are developed by industry experts, reflecting the current best practices and compliance standards.

Furthermore, the platform’s flexible and user-friendly nature accommodates all workers’ learning styles and schedules, making it a convenient choice for organizations.

Fall Protection Systems Inspection Course



As we have navigated the terrain of fall protection, we have unraveled the dangers that fall poses in the workplace, the importance of fall protection, and the critical role of online training courses.

Coggno is a viable choice, offering comprehensive, user-friendly, and industry-compliant fall protection courses. Let’s prioritize workplace safety because every life is precious, and every fall is preventable.

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