Google Docs: Enhancing Learning Systems and Aiding Nonprofits


Google Docs: Enhancing Learning Systems and Aiding Nonprofits

Recently the Google Docs Blog has run a series on non-profits organizations, acting as an online learning system of human rights organizations. The blog includes a number of nonprofit organizations that use their software in innovative ways. For Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, they were hoping to use their site as a learning system to inspire and encourage people to participate in a day of service.

For example, the blog cited Connecticut FIRST, a nonprofit that organizes robotics programs and competitions for young people. The organization uses Google Docs to track volunteer contact information for event invitation lists, and Google Forms to collect surveys from alumni. is another nonprofit that has integrated Google Docs into its everyday activities. It employs Google presentations as a convenient, easy-to-use learning system to guide meetings, and collaborates using Google spreadsheets.

———— offers world-class e-learning education.

Another is the Rock Paper Scissors Collective, which uses Google Docs to streamline their processes and promote collaboration in grant proposal writing and managing volunteer schedules.

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