Health and Medical Online Courseware


Health and Medical Online Courseware

Health and Medical Online Courseware“Know thyself,” advised the Ancient Greeks. But isn’t it strange how little we really know our own bodies? Unless you’re a medical student or professional, you probably don’t understand the majority of the processes that occur every moment in your body. I certainly don’t.

Health insurance and doctor visits are at sky-high rates. I like to imagine that in the future, the average person will be educated extensively in human biology, and will be able to find solutions to his or her own health problems.

Of course, for medical students, online courseware is meant to supplement real-life training. But if you’re someone who just wants to know what’s going on under your skin, you might consider picking up some of this online courseware. Inexpensive health and medical online courseware offered on sites like includes dental hygiene, radiologic science, gerontology, pharmacy, nursing, and food and nutrition.

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