How Human Resources Online Training Can Be Effective For Your HR Professionals

How Human Resources Online Training Can Engage Your HR Professionals

How Human Resources Online Training Can Be Effective For Your HR Professionals

Rochelle van Rensburg | Oct, 23 2019

Human Resources Online Training: Engage HR Professionals Like Never Before

Are you wondering why you need to provide human resources online training? If yes, then this blog is for you. It is a done deal that every company, no matter how big or small, needs at least one Human Resources professional to supervise the operation. HR has become a pillar of every honest organization; the work has grown into much more than it used to be.

Years ago, HR professionals have been assigned with the duties of managing payroll, medical coverage, running online background checks and pension plans. Nowadays, that same person is being asked to do so much more. HR has become a “jack-of-all-trades” position on which all innovative companies depend, not only to take care of staff but to keep them in check at all times.

Previously, most companies saw their HR staff as an off-shoot of their finance departments. There are a lot of numbers and equations involved, after all. Accounting and HR may be the most difficult departments in which to operate, but they are often the most rewarding positions in any sector. In every type of business or organization, these positions are always respected and needed.

The rapidly changing economy has disrupted many jobs, but when it comes to job security, HR has become steadfast. Regardless of attrition or rapid advancement requiring new skills and abilities on an almost daily basis, and informed HR professional is always needed to take the reins.

The reason for this? When you gather an organization filled with various cultures and personality traits, situations arise that will need the expertise of a trained professional. When we welcome and respect other cultures, we need to make sure that the journey is led by someone who is able to maintain the peace we all want. It is therefore quite obvious why the upskilling and retention of high performing HR professionals should be a top priority in any organization.

That being said, in almost every field, online learning has had benefits across the board, increasing accessibility and reducing costs for individuals and organizations seeking to expand their skill set. The online learning approach has not only benefited those who want to learn, but it has also helped those who want to share their knowledge with the world.

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As we have discussed, Human Resources is one of the business areas that has seen unprecedented growth and innovation in recent years, and Human Resources online training can improve engagement and help HR professionals do their jobs better. Here’s how:


Learning to use resources more effectively 

The range of new, innovative technologies is one of the main advantages that Human Resources has enjoyed due to focused creativity and technological advances in this area. The implementation of new tools, however, often comes with a learning curve that is not always adequately addressed by organizations.

Take Ezzely, for example, which can streamline workplace schedules and create a well-organized system of communication. While the system is user-friendly, there is much more to it than it meets the eye. It could be used by management to build a central scheduling or payroll process, without knowing that they can enable their workers to send leave requests or switch shifts with their colleagues.

Human Resources online training will help HR (and companies) unlock the potential of various recruitment software to help with operations, efficiency, and hiring. In many cases, users don’t know what they don’t know. Through taking part in a Human Resources online training program, an HR professional will learn how to use the resources they have at their fingertips in a way that benefits everyone involved.


Ongoing possibilities for education

Continuing education and lifelong learning are important for people in all industries. When considering HR and recruiting specifically, this is no different. Twenty years ago, the way employees were treated in a business context was radically different from how they are treated nowadays.

In turn, the workforce is taken over by a younger generation (the millennials), while another generation (the baby boomers) hits retirement age. Since the middle generation (Gen X) is substantially smaller than its precursor and successor, the employment gap remains large. All three of these groups typically have different work patterns and values.

Continuing professional development through Human Resources online training will allow HR practitioners and recruiters to negotiate this rocky road without being called away from their jobs. This is particularly relevant for professionals from Generation X HR who have not garnered many insights into navigating this transition in the workforce.


Complimentary Skills Training and Assessment

Hiring is no longer about filling a role. There is a lot of emphasis on minimizing turnover proactively by making sure the right person is in the right role. To be able to do this, hiring managers need to understand the complexities and advantages of different testing methods like the BIG 5 test and the Hogan test.

In learning how to apply these tests of competence when screening applicants, HR practitioners will be able to find suitable candidates who not would not only be a good fit for the role but who would align with the overall corporate culture, as well.


Last note

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