15 Effective Ways To Build True Confidence

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15 Effective Ways To Build True Confidence

Anjali Dalal | Jan, 10 2024

How To Build True Confidence?


Are you ready to unlock the truest version of yourself? You may ask how. With CONFIDENCE!

Confidence means feeling content in your skin, knowing your true self and loving every bit of you without any second thought. But sometimes doubts knock as uninvited guests and shake your confidence. It is where you need to put together yourself and face them head-on.

This blog will tell you how to build true confidence and not be shaken by the ocean of doubts.

But we don’t want to overwhelm you, so let’s understand some basics first. 


What Is Self-Esteem? 

Self-esteem means feeling good about yourself, appreciating your worth, and recognizing your value as a person. It’s essential but doesn’t necessarily translate into believing in your capabilities in various situations.

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What Is Self-Efficacy?

Self-efficacy is the belief in your ability to achieve specific goals or perform certain tasks. It’s assessing your competence in a particular domain and having the confidence to take action effectively.

Self-esteem is the emotional evaluation of oneself – feeling good about who you are. On the other hand, self-efficacy is about belief in your ability to accomplish specific tasks or goals. 

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15 Ways To Build True Confidence

Here we go!


1. Embrace Failure As Learning

Facing setbacks? But it’s not the end of the world. Instead, it’s an opportunity to learn and evolve. 

For example, you were working hard on a project that didn’t go as planned. Reflect on the lessons from that experience and how they contributed to personal or professional growth. Another example: a marketing campaign didn’t yield the expected results. It highlights the importance of market research and adopting a more informed approach in future campaigns.

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2. Set Achievable Goals

Break down larger objectives into smaller, manageable tasks. Outline a task or project you accomplished by setting achievable goals. 

For example, you are assigned the most complex project of the year that can yield big returns in the end. Break down this project into smaller and achievable milestones. It will help you meet deadlines and will ensure a more streamlined workflow.

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3. Seek Constructive Feedback

Feedback equals improvement. Keep your ears open to feedback and take them as they are, constructively. Also, describe a situation where constructive feedback helped refine your skills in a previous role. 

For example, Receiving feedback on a presentation style can help you adopt more engaging delivery techniques. It will also help you improve your communication skills and present better in the next meeting.


4. Practice Self-Compassion

There’s nothing more powerful than self-compassion and self-kindness. In challenging times, don’t be harsh on yourself; instead, be kind. 

For example, during a high-pressure deadline, being kind to yourself reduces stress and allows for a more composed approach to problem-solving.


5. Cultivate A Growth Mindset

Always have a growth mindset no matter what the situation is. It will fuel your personal and professional development. 

For example, when getting into a new migration, you might find it hard to learn a new skill or software. But with persistent learning and a growth mindset, you can master the skills quickly.

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6. Expand Your Knowledge

Be hungry to learn new things and acquire new skills. Continuous learning broadens horizons and boosts confidence. 

For example, acquiring proficiency in data analysis, even when you are new to it, will empower you to make more informed decisions in a business setting.


7. Visualize Success

Do you know what manifestation does? Make things happen. Visualization does exactly the same. It primes the mind for success. 

For example, visualize success before going for a big and crucial presentation. It will multiply your confidence tenfold, and you will look positive in front of everyone. It will help you grab the big opportunities, trust us!


8. Leverage Your Strengths

You might lack confidence, but you don’t lack strengths. You have that in you. Focus on your strengths and turn them into confidence. 

For example, you have strong organizational skills. So, you should come forward and take the lead in coordinating a complex project. It will not just boost your confidence but also team morale.

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9. Embrace Discomfort

We all know there’s nothing more uncomfortable than stepping out of your comfort zone. It is when our confidence takes the back seat. But take a deep breath, prepare for the next big opportunity and remind yourself that you’ve got this. 

For example, You have to leave your team and move on to a new project with more responsibilities and new people around. You might find it hard to gel around both. But remind yourself that you are capable of doing so. Talk to a new team and take breaks with them. It will build your professional confidence.


10. Develop Resilience

With setbacks comes learning, and with learning comes confidence to handle the worst situation. When you face setbacks, consider it an opportunity to showcase resilience. 

For example, a project fails. Instead of instigating yourself and escaping from reality, get back on your feet, face it, and learn all the lessons it has taught you with grace.


11. Foster Supportive Relationships

A supportive colleague and mentor are your best friends at work. Speak with them whenever you are down with doubts. They will boost your confidence in ways you can’t think. 

For example, you are recently promoted as a manager and given a team under you. But you have a hard time managing it. You start doubting yourself. In that case, reach out to your office colleagues and speak to them. They will give you a good dose of motivation and instill confidence in handling new responsibilities.


12. Practice Assertiveness

What’s empowering? Being assertive in communication! It positively impacts a situation. On the contrary, a lack of assertiveness can leave you feeling like a puppet just following commands unthinkingly.

For example, don’t shy away from expressing your disagreements with the team without being rude. It will be hard at first, but your team will get it. It will give birth to a healthy brainstorming session where everyone can put their point forward without being hesitant.


13. Celebrate Achievements

You might have probably heard of this: success begets success. Acknowledge every milestone, even celebrate the smaller week-to-week wins. It will help you reflect on the good side of working and enable steady growth.

For example, when completing a big, once-in-a-lifetime project, break it down into weekly parts. And give yourself a big pat when you achieve your weekly target. It will boost your morale and confidence within the team.


14. Maintain A Positive Attitude

There might always be gloomy days at the workplace, in life per se. But there are ways to stay positive during these challenging times. 

For example, your company is going into a merger, and you can’t do anything but be optimistic. This optimism and positive attitude will help you adapt to new situations more smoothly.

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15. Take Action Despite Fear

You know the quote by Art Hochberg: Everyone has their own fears and their own way of dealing with those fears. You must courageously take action despite your fears. It will help you grow and deal with them.

For example, you are not a native English speaker, and you are tasked with presenting the next meeting in English. You may doubt your skills and fear fumbling but delivering a presentation despite nervousness will improve your public speaking skills and also increase confidence in future presentations.


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Bottom Line: Embrace Your Potential

True confidence is knowing that it does not eliminate doubts; instead, it gives us the power to acknowledge them and forge ahead. The How to Build True Confidence course, available on Coggno’s platform, will help you navigate self-doubt and cultivate genuine self-belief. 

Also, always practice self-affirmation, embrace self-interrogation, and employ the above 15 strategies. 


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