How to Create Custom Online Courses for Employees?

How to Create Custom Online Courses for Employees

How to Create Custom Online Courses for Employees?

Anjali Dalal | Sep, 13 2022

Do you know that the potential to learn is the most desired incentive among employees? When you provide them with educational and easy-to-understand training content that aligns with their interests, they are more likely to stay and contribute to the company. So, you are making a wise choice about creating custom online courses for them.

But how do you design courseware that is tailored to their requirements? Here’s a simple guide to incorporating online learning into your business.

Custom Online Courses for Employee Training

Preparing personalized online learning material doesn’t just help employees upgrade and broaden their skills. They also help your company get the leadership onboard, increase sales, manage complex systems, enhance customer service, and everything that helps your company prosper.

Moreover, if your employees work from home, developing content using an online learning platform allows you to train them remotely. To leverage the benefits of online courses, follow the below guidelines.

Define Learning Goals

Without a predetermined goal, nothing succeeds. So create online courses only with a specific purpose in mind. You can challenge your employees to bring something valuable to the table with each course they take in this manner.

So, establish your company objectives and find answers to queries such as what this training will educate employees. Is it need to be single or multiple? How can the courses help you reach a specific objective, such as giving a better sales presentation? And many more, depending on your need.

Understand the Requirements

To establish a goal, you must first know the target audience. Knowing who the online courses are for, you will be clear about what should be the course duration, layout, tone, skill gap to fill, and many more.

Assume you are building online courses for personnel in charge of the core business operation. The training should then focus on teaching them c-suite communication skills to interact with people at all levels of the organization, strategic thinking abilities to make critical decisions, emotional intelligence to successfully lead the entire business team, and more. Second, because the training is intended for senior executives such as CEOs and CFOs, the tone should be formal.

Alternatively, training should be elaborated but in bite-sized segments, if you leverage an online learning platform to create a course for sales teams. This will not bore them and will motivate them to learn more effectively. Also, because it is for salespeople, the tone of the material can be more informal so that they can relate.

The training should focus on teaching them how to find prospects, nail the presentation, close deals, provide exceptional customer service, and so on.

So, determining your target audience can assist you in determining course content, style, and so on.

Decide the Course Topic

Sometimes the course content isn’t tailor made to a specific audience. It is tailored to business requirements. If you believe there is a skill gap or the existing knowledge and performance level are inadequate, you should construct a course topic appropriately. Sometimes the topic can be general, like if your workplace is prone to accidents, in which case you may wish to give safety training to the entire crew.

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Breakdown the Online Course Material

After you set a goal, define your target audience, and decide on course content, the next step is to organize the course content. You must split the online learning material into various modules and then divide it into multiple sections. The idea is to make the information as simple and dynamic as possible so that employees can pick things up fast.

Decide the Format

It is critical to choose a content format that will keep employees interested in the training and boost their retention power. And, because the online courses are for them, the best way to guarantee that they remain attentive is to get direct feedback.

Inquire about their preferred content format, such as simulations, films, presentations, webinars, etc. Go to the online learning platform and create the courseware based on their preferences.

Add Assessment Questions

It is critical that your personnel master the topics covered in each module. And the only way to do it is to include knowledge checks at the conclusion of each module. This allows them to test themselves and see where they stand before moving on to the next module.

Otherwise, they will absorb all of the stuff at once only to forget most of the things in the end. So add knowledge checks such as evaluation questions, each with specific score points, allowing them to understand how much information they can recall.

Upload the Material on Your LMS

Finally, the last step is to upload the online courses to your preferred choice of learning management system. The uploading process can be seamless and quick or complex and lengthy, depending on your course content length and structure. But as suggested, keep the content format as easy as possible to help your learners and yourself as well.

Final Words

With this guide, you are all set to prepare custom online courses for your employees. But your aim should not be just to create the courseware. It should make the learning experience as smooth as possible for your employees. Making the course responsive to all devices is an effective way to ensure this, as your employees may access the course through mobile phones, tablets, or laptops. This gives them the freedom to learn whenever and wherever they choose, even on the go.

If you are keen on upskilling your staff while ensuring a seamless experience, consider a learning management system like Coggno. It is a cloud-based software solution that provides simple access and secure storage. Moreover, it is very configurable to meet your unique needs since it supports video tutorials, textual presentations, and more.

The best feature is the discussion forum, where you can chat with your employees and the reminder option, which urges them to complete the training. All of these aspects, and more, make the online courses desirable to your team. So create online courses, track your employee performance, and get ready to enjoy the ultimate benefits.

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