The Best Human Resources Training Courses That Are Essential

The Best Human Resources Training Courses That Are Essential

The Best Human Resources Training Courses That Are Essential

Rochelle van Rensburg | Oct, 2 2019

What Are The Best Human Resources Training Courses That Are Essential In 2024?

Although often derided by staff in general, any business requires an effective Human Resources (HR) team. Their efficiency in the hiring process and compliance with the rules and guidelines stated in the company’s Memorandum of Association (MOA) can make all the difference by establishing a good atmosphere of cooperation and recognition among staff.

That’s why successful businesses are investing so much in HR specialists and in Human Resources training courses. If you’re going to enter the HR sector and you want to develop your abilities, taking an online course in Human Resources Training might be a good idea. Wouldn’t you like to work for an HR department that everybody looks up to rather than their usual employee reputation?


What Makes Great Human Resources Training?

Although many aspects determine the quality of an online Human Resource certification, the three most crucial are the instructor’s proficiency and reputation, the specific skills covered in the course, and cost/value.


The Instructor’s Proficiency And Reputation

First of all, you should check whether the trainer or trainers are genuine specialists in their sector. If you are unable to discover any useful information about their experience and knowledge in a fast online search, you should probably resume searching for your next human resource certification elsewhere.

The instructors who present the courses in Coggno’s online library are genuine experts in their fields, providing quality instruction and support. Click to check out our list of online Human Resources Training.


The Skills Covered In The Course

It is also crucial to check what the course provides and whether it includes your required skills. For instance, if you want to enhance your recruiting techniques, you may want to take a course covering interviews, onboarding, and selection of candidates. All the courses in the Coggno library list the skills that are covered in the course upfront so that you can make an informed decision. Click here to learn more.


The Cost Or Value Of The Course

Finally, considering the cost of the Human Resource certification is crucial. To make sure you get the most from your purchase, compare the rates of related courses. If an excellent course is out of your budget, save it and check back later. Many major online training platforms often offer discounts and promotions on their most popular courses.


Top 6 Human Resources Training Courses

Now that we’ve covered what you need to look for when selecting a proper online Human Resources Training course, let’s mention a few Human Resource certifications that would be worth your while to work through and that will add a lot of value to your growing HR career.


Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management has evolved, with many managerial roles now encompassing HR tasks. The Human Resource Management course equips managers with essential skills to handle HR situations effectively. It covers topics like interviewing, orientation, safety, harassment, discrimination, and termination and empowers participants with practical tools.

Objectives include understanding HR’s impact on daily tasks, defining HR terms, enhancing recruitment and retention, ensuring employee health and safety, providing constructive feedback, and handling disciplinary issues. Additionally, participants will assess HR strengths and areas for improvement, developing a personal action plan.

This 60-minute workshop, available in English, offers audio narration and a certificate upon completion. It’s tailored for supervisors seeking to enhance their HR capabilities.

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It’s About Time Course

In this 40-minute course, available in English, participants learn strategies for managing time effectively and enhancing their work and personal lives.

The course focuses on recognizing personal and environmental patterns affecting productivity, prioritizing tasks, realistic scheduling, tackling interruptions, and minimizing stress. By implementing these principles, employees can optimize their time, leading to a better quality of work life.

Participants receive a certificate upon completion, and the course includes a bookmark feature for easy reference. It’s designed for employees seeking to improve their time management skills.

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Diversity At The Workplace Course

This 30-minute course, available in English, aims to foster co-workers’ awareness of various cultures and lifestyles, enhancing empathy and collaboration toward organizational goals.

The course covers key topics such as the definition and significance of diversity in contemporary society, the various forms of diversity, the advantages and opportunities of a diverse workforce, strategies to prevent workplace discrimination, and the policies governing diversity and discrimination.

Participants receive a certificate upon completion, and the course includes a bookmark feature for easy reference. It’s tailored for employees seeking to deepen their understanding of diversity and promote inclusivity in the workplace.

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Affirmative Action For Talent Acquisition

This is a concise 30-minute eLearning program. It focuses on educating employees with talent acquisition responsibilities about their pivotal role in maintaining Affirmative Action compliance during recruitment and selection processes.

Covering crucial topics such as affirmative action regulations, analyses impacting recruitment, OFCCP’s definition of an Internet Applicant, strategic candidate sourcing techniques, and targeted outreach, the course equips supervisors with essential knowledge to prevent violations of OFCCP and EEOC federal regulations.

Upon completion, participants receive a certificate, and the course offers a bookmark feature for easy reference. It’s specifically designed for supervisors seeking to ensure compliance with Affirmative Action requirements in talent acquisition practices. Additionally, it is recommended that this course be complemented with “Introduction to Affirmative Action” to provide a comprehensive understanding of federal regulations affecting recruitment activities.

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US Workplace Harassment And Discrimination (6th Ed.) (New York Manager, Industrial) Course

This comprehensive training course, tailored for supervisors in New York, addresses the pressing issue of workplace harassment, particularly sexual and other forms of disrespectful conduct.

Available in both American English and Latin American Spanish, the course spans 50 minutes and emphasizes the importance of fostering a respectful workplace culture. Through interactive scenarios and exercises, participants learn to recognize, prevent, and respond to improper behaviors effectively.

Key topics covered include understanding sexual harassment and its negative impacts, recognizing abusive behavior by managers, addressing harassment based on sex stereotyping, sexual orientation, and other factors, and understanding the organization’s commitment to preventing and addressing harassment and retaliation.

Upon completion, supervisors receive a certificate, and the course offers a bookmark feature for easy reference. It equips managers with the knowledge and skills necessary to promote a workplace free from harassment and discrimination.

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California Transparency In Supply Chains Act

This course addresses the legal requirements imposed on large companies operating in California in retail sales or manufacturing.

This brief 7-minute course, available in English, focuses on helping companies understand their obligations under the CTSCA. It emphasizes the importance of transparency in supply chains to combat human trafficking and modern slavery, aiming to inform the public about the origins, manufacturing processes, and distribution of products.

Key objectives include determining if the CTSCA applies to your company and learning how to comply with its requirements. While the course does not offer a certificate, it includes a bookmark feature for easy reference. It’s designed for employees seeking to ensure compliance with California regulations and contribute to efforts against human rights violations in supply chains.

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Bottom Line

This brings us to the end of the article. We hope you have found the above courses useful. If you have any questions regarding the courses, fill out our speak-to-expert form below. One of our experts will get in touch with you at the soonest.

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