Inviting Guests to Your Learning System, Pt. 2


Inviting Guests to Your Learning System, Pt. 2

Inviting a guest speaker to enhance a classroom learning system has amazing potential for influencing the lives of students. A speaker might have an immediate impact, or simply plant seeds in students’ brains.

Create the ideal conditions for students to be inspired. Building interest in the speaker is simple, and will increase students’ responsiveness when the guest arrives.

Encourage students to write a list of questions they’d like to ask, and discuss the questions in class. If the speaker will be covering material from a learning system like science or music, mention the speaker or refer to his or her views at that time.

Engage the students in a brief learning system about the speaker before he or she arrives. Display posters in the classroom with the upcoming speaker’s picture and relevant information, and encourage them to visit the speaker’s website if one is available.

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