Is the “E” a Problem in the E-Learning System?


Is the “E” a Problem in the E-Learning System?

Problem in the E-Learning System?The “e” in e-learning is exactly what differentiates it from the traditional, old-fashioned learning system—or is it? Some people are arguing that the e-learning system doesn’t need the “e” anymore, while yet another group contends that it reeks of excessive technophilia, and thus turns potentially interested parties (learners, managers) off to it. Popular consensus seems to be that there’s no more need for the “e” in “learning.” The new e-learning system is a learning system.

And it makes sense. There isn’t really a need to differentiate between the different ways of delivering learning content at this juncture. E-learning has evolved to a point where the “e” no longer needs to be pointed out. The ubiquity of technology has brought us new vocabulary, an entity that is now reinventing itself.

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