Keep Your Business Relevant with Continuing Education for Your Employees


Keep Your Business Relevant with Continuing Education for Your Employees

Janine Ordman | Feb, 1 2017

3 Reasons Continuing Education Will Keep Your Business Relevant in the Industry

The internet has created a workplace that is changing at a faster rate than ever. Are you losing business because you are falling behind the current trends in the industry? Don’t be fooled into thinking that you can maintain the same products and workflow with your company… innovation and relevancy are essential factors to help your business grow.

Here are three reasons why you need to keep up with continuing education for your employees:

1. Education Skyrockets Employee Satisfaction

Low job satisfaction will kill employee morale and hurt the bottom line.

It has been found that untrained employees typically have lower job satisfaction compared to employees who are learning and growing. Over time, it is common for employees to feel stagnant in their job duties. If an employee feels either stagnant or inadequate in their job, then they might look for something else that will be a better fit for their skill set. As a result, your company will suffer from high turnover rates and expensive costs to hire new people.

In comparison, ongoing training helps to boost productivity and keep employees engaged in the projects and tasks that need to be accomplished. When employees are learning and growing, then they will feel more responsibility in the outcome of various projects as well as increased motivation to stay involved.

2. Keep Your Head above Water – Don’t Drown in Changing Industry Trends

Are you falling behind in our digital world? Technology is transforming many industries, and you need to work hard to keep up with these trends instead of getting left behind.

For example, you might have a team of employees trained to sell a full set of encyclopedia books. Even though these were popular products 30 years ago, many people now look online when they need information. If you owned an encyclopedia company and didn’t stay proactive to change with the trends, then you would be out of business based on current consumer demands.

As a business owner, you need to keep your eyes on the horizon to ensure that you are maintaining relevancy in the products and services that are offered to your customers. Identifying these changes and training your employees will create a foundation to keep your business current in the industry.

3. Reduce the Risk of Lost Time and Money

Did you know that you could be shelling out millions of dollars if an employee makes a mistake? If an untrained employee doesn’t know new laws or regulations, then it could potentially cost your company a ton of money to fix the problem.

On the other hand, you can stay proactive to keep your employees trained on the changes that are important in your industry. When individuals maintain a current level of understanding, then you can avoid some of the common mistakes that might cost your company time and money.

If you are ready to boost employee satisfaction, keep up with changing industry trends, and reduce the risk of lost time and money, then you need to assess your current training systems. By implementing a high-quality training program for your employees, you can transform the work environment and set your company up for future success.

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