Online Courses Produce Unique Homeschooling Experience – 5 Reasons Why Home Schooling Rocks!


Online Courses Produce Unique Homeschooling Experience – 5 Reasons Why Home Schooling Rocks!

Erica Caramol | Jul, 31 2014

Deciding whether or not to home school your child isn’t easy. But once you’ve made the decision to take the plunge, there are lots of benefits you can expect to see. This article covers 5 terrific reasons to home school your child.

#1 – Quality

Home education is much more than just sitting down with some books for a few hours each day, or simply aiding your child in the completion of his or her online courses.  The quality is in your own ability, as a parent, to rise to the challenge of homeschooling and develop a strong system that works for you and your child; One that expands beyond the regular 8-3 school day. When your a home schooler, learning can happen anytime, anywhere.

#2 – Creativity

Homeschooling has lots of room for creativity. You’ll be developing school projects and designing experiments, preparing and dictating lessons, grading papers, going on field trips and park days, giving art and music lessons, and much more. Making things even better, you can use online courses or a learning management systems to enrich your child’s learning experience.

#3 – Socializing Opportunities

As a home educator, you’ll find great flexibility in your daytime activities. You’ll have control over your day and your child’s social activities, arranging get-togethers, taking educational day trips, and engaging in other fun activities.

#4 – Flexibility

Most home educators are fortunate to have a great support system, both at home and outside the home. But, even if you’re stuck on a subject and not sure how to teach it, finding online tutors for most subjects is super easy. Also, with the wealth of curriculum and  learning materials, online courses, and other internet resources, you’ll find plenty of support.

#5 – Technological Advantages

Home educators have access to the best, most innovative educational tools that have ever been available for crafting a robust learning experience. Most homeschoolers understand that one critical part of a child’s education is ICT skill development. Online work helps complement lessons, activities, and assignments. Learning management systems are a convenient and easy way to improve students’ ICT skills and familiarize them with new technology.

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