Learning Management System Tools for Visual-Spatial Learners


Learning Management System Tools for Visual-Spatial Learners

Learning Management System Tools for Visual-Spatial LearnersThey say that a picture says a thousand words. To many learning management system students, this is no more than a casual reference to the power of images to conjure ideas. But for others, it’s a crucial learning concept that has both aided them and put them at a disadvantage at different points in their lives.

While many people are auditory learners who can listen to a lecture or directions with perfect ease, others are strong visual-spatial learners. As a trainer or teacher using a learning management system, you can make simple alterations in the presentation of learning material to accommodate these students.

Visual-spatial learners process information better when reading, taking notes and making lists, and learning from books, videos, and demonstrations. They use mental imagery, associating colors and shapes with ideas. Use your learning management system to create videos and incorporate visual information into your students’ learning experience.


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