Learning Management System Training Nips BPO Problems in the Bud


Learning Management System Training Nips BPO Problems in the Bud

Coggno Inc. | Mar, 10 2010

As any company with an outsourced extension knows, business process outsourcing (BPO) can involve certain risks. Security, disconnect, lack of motivation, and unforeseen costs are just a few. However, learning management systems (LMS) can help mitigate these risks by creating a more centralized training system, in which all employees are trained to execute the same processes. In doing so, outsourced extensions of a company are able to operate in a more unified and parallel way, and avoid the traps that so many outsourcing organizations fall into.

What are some of the risks involved in business process outsourcing, and how can a learning management system prevent them? For starters, there can be some security risks involved. Outsourcing an Information System, for instance, might be a risky venture. If an information system is being controlled overseas, this could involve not only privacy issues, but communication problems. Learning management system training content that covers these challenges and prepares employees and managers to handle them can stop these issues from arising in the first place.

Another risk is a disconnect between you and your outsourced extension. For that reason, a strong learning management system course that deals with compliance training topics such as communication strategies and specific processes is key.

Solid LMS training for managers is an essential implementation for BPO extensions. For example, a course in project management could help your managers review project management processes, project and team cycles, and evaluation and improvement techniques. A project management course is able to orient both staff and managers to the functions and tools needed for successful management.

Another kind of course with great benefits for managers in an outsourced post is a course that covers team dynamics and staff motivation. While most managers would agree that staff motivation is a critical element of managerial duties, many do not actually practice effective motivation, and are in the dark as to what kinds of strategies, techniques, and theories factor in. A course training managers on what kind of motivation strategies actually work, and how to implement them, is a strong preventative measure against BPO risks such as a changing attitude among employees or low employee morale.

BPO works best when all employees are trained uniformly using an LMS that delivers effective and repeatable training programs. It’s also important that the LMS training is easy to update to address extension-specific matters and new developments in a company.

This is another reason why online training is an effective risk-preventative measure: the fact that it is easy to update and deliver immediately, when you need it. In the past, when training was handled with instructional books and booklets, or with pdf and power point documents, the process of updating training was often a slow and painstaking one. An LMS training program is essential in providing staff with the most up-to-date information.

When you use online training technology like learning management systems to train employees in BPO positions, you’re thinking progressively for your company. Think about it. The person you’re training–especially for outsourced HR positions–just might be the one in charge of administering a very similar kind of training someday. When that day comes, having had experience with LMS training, they will be in an ideal position to help others along in the process, and deliver the training effectively.

In order to reap the benefits of business process outsourcing, the risks involved must be foreseen and prevented using the resources available to companies. One last risk is the underestimation of running costs for outsourced extensions. Cost-effective LMS training solutions can help lower the costs of BPO as well as take care of a number of other problems before they even arise.


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