Life-Long Learners Benefit From the Use of E-Learning Courses


Life-Long Learners Benefit From the Use of E-Learning Courses

Coggno Inc. | Aug, 4 2011

Many school districts are beginning to realize the benefits of e-learning for their students. But, what about the benefits for teachers, or so-called “life-long learners”? School boards in many states have professional development requirements that educators and staff must adhere to in order to keep their certifications and licenses valid. E-learning makes the task of updating certifications and indulging a passion for learning that much easier.

E-Learning Helps Defray Costs

Let’s face it; continuing education can be expensive. E-learning courses are cost-effective for both school boards and teachers because they eliminate the need for attending classes at expensive colleges and universities. Looming government budget cuts will be slashing funds for students wanting to embark on graduate level degrees, eliminating many government subsidized education loans. E-Learning allows students and teachers who cannot afford to attend traditional schools to continue their education, whether its required for professional development, or if it is pursued voluntarily.

“Virtual Attendance” is Convenient

In addition to saving money, e-learning helps teachers make better use of their time. Instead of traveling to an inconvenient campus to sit in a classroom, distance learning can be accomplished from almost anywhere. This allows teachers to obtain the training they need without having to take time away from lesson planning and actual classes. Educators remain where they need to be – in their own classrooms, instead of having to turn them over to substitute teachers.

Seminars and Presentations are Evolving into Webinars

The traditional professional development seminar is evolving into a Webinar. As with continuing their personal education, teachers no longer need to leave the classroom in order to attend important seminars and events that are crucial to keeping certification and licensing up-to-date. These events can be attended “virtually”, which is another cost-cutting measure for many school boards. Many professional development providers are already on-board with e-learning, and more are joining every day. Making good use of technology not only broadens audiences, it allows educators to focus on their jobs while still being able to achieve their career goals.

Now is the time for students and providers to consider the benefits of e-learning. The new school year is upon us; considering implementing an e-learning program will not only save time and money, it will provide a fresh and rewarding approach to education by embracing technology.

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