LMS-Conscious Courseware Development


LMS-Conscious Courseware Development

Another mistake that course developers often make is to forget about the LMS itself. Many developers assume that their job is solely to create–not oversee the rollout of–their online course. However, for an LMS-hosted course to be effective, it’s essential to be familiar with the LMS’s interface, features and tools. “If you ignore the influence of the LMS,” Mark Simon writes, “you are also ignoring one of the most important interfaces for the learner as well as the very first hurdle that she needs to conquer en route to the e-learning course.”

Additionally, it’s not always the case that your online training course runs smoothly on the LMS. It’s important to understand the publishing settings that are ideal for your LMS, publish a prototype, and test it in the LMS to make sure the course runs without freezing up or causing any other problems.


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