LMS Course and Classroom Videos, Pt. 1


LMS Course and Classroom Videos, Pt. 1

Studies suggest that about 60 percent of the population are strong visual learners. Chris Chappell, an Organizational Development & Training Specialist with the Geisinger Health System, emphasizes the importance of taking visual learning into account for LMS courses. His advice is based on his experience as a content developer.

“When we are infants, we don’t know written or verbal language, and we are limited by our own kinesthetic abilities, so we rely on the sensory stimulus that is strongest: visual cues. Whether it’s the world around us or the facial expressions of those around us, we see, we process, and we learn.” LMS course videos, of course, tap into not only visual learning strengths but audio as well.

However, when using videos as part of an LMS-hosted online course or traditional classroom, it’s important to use videos in a structured, pedagogical manner. Videos should never be used as time-fillers, and there is a danger of students becoming passive viewers. See the next post for suggestions on how to keep video-watching interactive.


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