LMS Course and Classroom Videos, Pt. 2


LMS Course and Classroom Videos, Pt. 2

Although videos can greatly enhance a traditional or LMS-hosted course, it’s important for educators to use videos only as an LMS course complement. Only when educators integrate videos in a goal-oriented, well-prepared, and interactive manner, will videos be effective learning tools. It’s important that teachers not allow students to fall under the spell of passivity.

As the Chinese adage goes: “What I hear I will forget, what I see I will remember, what I do I will understand.”

Once learners come to terms with the fact that video is not an invitation to a lazy Friday afternoon kind of lesson, they realize what a powerful pedagogical tool that it is. Even cheesy, commercially-produced materials can come to life if students are taught to participate in the plots, look for details, and comment on them. LMS students are given the opportunity to sharpen their critical watching and listening skills as they learn the material. Additionally, these critical viewing skills will carry them through their lives as they view television and other media.


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