LMS Cultural Sensitivity Training


LMS Cultural Sensitivity Training

LMS Cultural Sensitivity TrainingJust as the LMS is an answer to the need for more organized and efficient large-scale learning systems, in many ways the virtual team is a product of globalization. Not only are companies coordinating their global activities to compete, but they are using virtual teams to find talent abroad and distribute their resources globally, collaborating with other companies and organizations.

The virtual team typically spans across the globe, and across cultures. A group’s lively dynamic is often the result of its varied team members and their multifarious perspectives. Therefore, virtual team members need to have excellent “soft” skills, such as communication, persuasion, negotiation, work etiquette, and cultural sensitivity. Use your LMS to organize team cultural sensitivity and communication training. Employees may organize technical training on their LMSs, but technical skills alone are certainly not adequate for a virtual team’s success.


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