LMS Teacher Plagiarism Determent, Pt. 2


LMS Teacher Plagiarism Determent, Pt. 2

LMS Teacher Plagiarism Determent, Pt. 2Another effective way to prevent your LMS students from plagiarizing is to come up with thought-provoking and creative assignments. Require your students to analyze, compare and contrast new concepts based on information you’ve already covered. The more specific and unique the prompt, and the more thought that your LMS students are required to pour into the assignment, the harder it will be for them to copy someone else’s work from the internet.

With sites like researchpaper.com and others that provide pre-written papers, teachers run an enormous risk when sticking to time-tested essay prompts. So be creative and challenge your LMS students to think outside the box (and use their own, capable brains).


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