Top 5 Machine Guarding Training Certification Courses In 2023

Top 5 Machine Guarding Training Certification Courses In 2023

Top 5 Machine Guarding Training Certification Courses In 2023

Anjali Dalal | Jul, 6 2023

5 Best Machine Guarding Safety Courses You Can’t Miss In 2023

If you are thinking, what is the need for the best machine guarding safety courses in 2023? Here’s the answer!

Accidents happen!

And in the world of machinery, these accidents can be deadly. More than 18,000 workers in the USA suffer amputation, laceration, crushing injury, or abrasion. These injuries are severe enough to lead to time off work every year due to unguarded or inadequately safeguarded machines.

Shocking, isn’t it?

Such statistics highlight a major concern we all face. As people work alongside machines, the risk of injury is real and omnipresent. It is the dilemma we aim to tackle in this article.

We’ll be delving into the following:

  • Need for best machine guarding safety courses;
  • Techniques, best machine guarding practices;
  • Best machine guarding courses available at Coggno


What are the Machine Guarding Techniques?

Machine Guarding is the practice of protecting workers from the hazardous areas of a machine. Think of it as the safety armor or the barrier between you and potential danger.


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An excellent example would be a metal cutting machine. The guarding technique would involve placing a barrier or a guard around the cutting blades to prevent your fingers from accidentally touching them. The aim is to minimize the risk of injury while operating the machinery.


What are the Best Practices for Machine Guarding?

Machine guarding practices aren’t a luxury; they are a necessity. Here are five best practices you should adhere to:


  1. Regular Inspections and Maintenance: Regularly check the guards and ensure they’re in optimal condition. It’s about being proactive, not reactive.
  2. Training: Workers need to be trained in the proper operation and safety procedures of the machines. Adequate training and proper education can save lives.
  3. Always Use Guards: This one’s a no-brainer; guards should always be in place when the machine is in operation.
  4. Do Not Modify Guards: Guards are designed for a specific purpose. Never alter or bypass them.
  5. Report Unsafe Conditions: If you see something, say something. If a machine or its guard looks unsafe, report it immediately.


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What are the Best Courses for Machine Guarding from Coggno?

You’ve understood the importance of machine guarding, and now it’s time to delve into the learning part. Here are the Top 5 Machine Guarding Courses that Coggno offers:


Machine Guarding Course  

Do you need a solid grasp on machine safety? Maestro’s Machine Guarding Course is the one-stop solution. This interactive course offers key insights on the following:

  • Different machine guards;
  • Their safe use;
  • Their proper removal procedures.


Furthermore, you will learn how to handle damaged or inadequate guards to ensure a safer workplace. On completion, you will need to take a final 10-question assessment to test your knowledge. Stay safe and confident around machinery.


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Machine Guarding Parts 1 & 2 

Equip yourself with comprehensive knowledge of machine safety with UL’s Machine Guarding, Parts 1-2 course. A 27-minute investment will impart crucial knowledge about the following:

  • Machine hazards;
  • The importance of guarding;
  • Safe work practices to prevent injuries.


The course is ideal for workers who operate, maintain, or work near machines. Arm yourself with the right knowledge to prioritize safety.


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Machine Guarding Parts 1 & 2 (French)

UL presents Machine Guarding, Parts 1-2 (French), for our French-speaking colleagues. This course delivers vital information about machine risks and the role of machine guards in protecting you.

In just 27 minutes, you will familiarize yourself with different types of machine guards and safe work practices to prevent injuries. Perfect for employees operating, maintaining, or working near machines. Let’s prioritize safety together.


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Machine Guards V2.16 Course

Enhance workplace safety with the Machine Guards V2.16 Course by CDP Inc. Safeworkday SafetyPoints. This course gives you important knowledge of machine parts and processes that could cause severe injuries.

Furthermore, you will learn how to effectively-

  • Safeguard against hazards;
  • Eliminate risks;
  • Control accidental contacts that could lead to injury.

Create a safer environment for everyone.


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Top 5 Machine Guarding Training Certification Courses


General Safety and Manufacturing 

General safety and manufacturing courses are necessary whether you’re an employee or an employer. These online courses provide a solid understanding of general safety procedures in a manufacturing environment.

Furthermore, it equips you with the know-how to prevent accidents, ensuring a safe workspace for all. Dive in and start fostering a culture of safety today.


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Why Choose Coggno for Machine Guarding Training?

Why should you consider Coggno for your machine guarding training? Let us break it down for you.

  1. Comprehensive Course Structure: Coggno offers well-structured courses from reputed course providers that cover all aspects of machine guarding safety.
  2. Interactive Learning: Coggno’s courses are designed to be engaging and interactive, making it easier to grasp complex concepts.
  3. Convenient: These courses are available online. You can learn at your own pace and in the comfort of your home.
  4. Affordable: Coggno believes in delivering quality education that is accessible and affordable to all.
  5. Expertise: Coggno’s courses are designed by industry professionals who deeply understand the subject matter.



The importance of machine guarding can’t be magnified. It’s about safety, it’s about prevention, and it’s about creating an environment where you can work without the constant worry of accidents.

Through the courses offered by Coggno, we hope to provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to make your workplace safer.

The key to safety isn’t luck; it’s prevention. Let’s make workplaces safer together.

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