How to Make the Most of Value Selling in Today’s Markets

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How to Make the Most of Value Selling in Today’s Markets

Anjali Dalal | Sep, 22 2023

It’s Not About Price: Value Selling In Today’s Markets


In today’s competitive business landscape, sales professionals face a constant challenge: selling more profitably and moving more products than their peers. The answer to this problem lies in value selling. 

Welcome to a comprehensive online training program blog. It will equip your sales team with the tools and strategies to excel in value selling. We will also highlight insights from each of the four sessions in this program.


Session One: The Foundation Of Value Selling


Are You A Value-Adding Salesperson?

The program begins by asking a fundamental question: Are you a value-adding salesperson? Discover what it means to be one and how it can set you apart from the competition.


Perceived Value Vs. Performance Value

Understand the critical difference between perceived value and performance value and how this understanding can impact your sales approach.


The Trouble With Value Propositions

Explore the challenges of creating effective value propositions and learn strategies to overcome them.


Marketplace R&R: Research And Realities

Discover the importance of thorough research in understanding market dynamics and realities that can shape your sales strategy.


What You Should Sell Vs. What You Do Sell

Uncover the discrepancy between what you should be selling and what you currently sell. Learn how to align these two for success.


When Sellers Make Price The Issue

Explore the pitfalls of making price the central issue in your sales conversations and discover alternative approaches that lead to higher margins.


The Disadvantages Of Discounting

Understand the drawbacks of discounting and why it’s crucial to avoid it whenever possible.


Premiums That Buyers Will Pay

Learn about the premiums buyers pay for added value and how to position your offerings accordingly.


Session Two: Adding Value And Differentiating Your Offerings


How To Add Value And Get Paid For It

Discover practical techniques for adding value to your offerings and ensuring you get compensated for it.


Differentiate Your Offerings Or Die Trying

Learn why differentiation is the key to survival in a competitive market and explore strategies to set yourself apart.


How Not To Trip The Commodity Trap

Avoid falling into the commodity trap by understanding the factors that lead to it and taking steps to prevent it.


15 Things Buyers Want Before Low Price

Explore the 15 crucial factors buyers prioritize over low prices and learn how to leverage them in your sales approach.


When Asking A Favor Beats Doing A Favor

Understand the power of asking for favors in building relationships with customers and prospects.


Put-Offs To Decision-Makers

Identify common put-offs that can hinder your access to decision-makers and learn how to overcome them.


A Little-Known Secret To Connecting With People

Discover a lesser-known technique for establishing meaningful connections with your clients and prospects.


What Buyers Most Like To See In Salespeople

Uncover the qualities that buyers value in sales professionals and learn how to embody them.


Session Three: Mastering Key Selling Skills


The Selling Skill You Most Want To Build On

Identify the most crucial selling skill to develop and understand its significance in closing deals.


Bullet-Proofing Your Customer Base

Learn how to safeguard your customer base and foster long-lasting relationships with clients.


How To Clinch Any Sale With Three Questions

Explore a powerful technique for sealing the deal with just three strategic questions.


Top Tips For Presenting Your Ideas Or Proposal

Enhance your presentation skills with top tips that will help you convey your ideas effectively.


How To Minimize Buyers’ Perceived Risk

Discover strategies for reducing buyers’ perceived risk, a critical factor in their decision-making process.


The Single, Most Effective “Close” You Can Employ

Learn about a highly effective closing technique to boost your sales success.


Why Welcome Unfavorable Feedback?

Understand the value of unfavorable feedback and how it can be a valuable tool for improvement.


What Does Customer Satisfaction Buy You Today?

Explore the tangible benefits of customer satisfaction in today’s competitive marketplace.


Session Four: Overcoming Pricing Challenges And Winning Bids


How To Answer The Premature Price Question

Learn how to handle the common challenge of premature price inquiries and steer the conversation in your favor.


Dealing With A Legitimate Price Objection

Discover effective strategies for addressing legitimate price objections and moving the sale forward.


How Not To Make Today’s Most Common Selling Mistakes

Avoid the most prevalent selling mistakes that can hinder your success in today’s markets.


Responding To “I Can Get The Same Thing For Less”

Craft persuasive responses to the “I can get the same thing for less” objection.


How To Capture And Hold A Buyer’s Undivided Attention

Master the art of capturing and maintaining a buyer’s attention during sales interactions.


Six Ways To Win More Bids And Quotes

Explore six proven methods to increase your success rate in winning bids and quotes.


Helping People Hear What You Have To Say

Learn effective communication techniques to ensure that your message is heard and understood.


How To Become An 18 Percenter

Discover the secrets and strategies employed by the top 18% of salespeople who consistently sell more profitably and move more products.



Q1: Who is this training program for? 

This program is designed for employees in sales roles who want to expand their career in value selling.


Q2: Is there a certificate provided upon completion? 

No, this program does not offer a certificate, but it provides valuable knowledge and skills that can significantly benefit your sales team’s performance.


Q3: Can participants complete the training at their own pace? 

Yes, participants can access the training material at their convenience and complete it at their own pace.


Q4: What are the key takeaways from this program? 

Participants will learn the importance of value selling, how to differentiate offerings, master essential selling skills, overcome pricing challenges, and more.


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Bottom Line

Buy this training course only from Coggno and see yourself succeed in value selling.


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