Mayors of Large Cities Could Use Some Online Training


Mayors of Large Cities Could Use Some Online Training

Erica Caramol | Nov, 18 2013

It’s been a tough year for the mayors of a couple of large cities here in North America. Earlier this year, former San Diego mayor Bob Filner was forced out of office after he was charged with a bunch of sexual harassment allegations. Now, after months of speculation, it looks like Toronto Mayor Rob Ford did indeed partake in some dubious behavior by smoking crack with a bunch of miscreants. Last spring, there was word of a tape documenting these activities, but there wasn’t quite enough evidence to prove its existence. Last week, digital images of what was allegedly on that tape were retrieved off a computer hard drive by the Toronto police. And, Mayor Ford admitted to having smoked crack. Moreover, like his colleague Bob Filner, he is currently refusing to step down.

Please Go Away!

Unlike former Mayor Filner, Mayor Ford has not yet been charged with any crimes. But like Mr. Filner, Mayor Ford is adamant that he is going to serve out his term as mayor and run for re-election. He comes from a family of hard-nosed politicians, and more embarrassingly, a family that does have a history of drug use. There have been many stories about Mayor Ford and his antics; those stories have reached seemingly every corner of the world via the Internet, and he has become the butt of countless jokes. You would think that he would want to remove himself from the public eye in order to allow the furor to die down, and more importantly, get help for his personal problems. As of this writing, Mayor Ford is “considering” getting help, but hasn’t yet committed to it.

This has been a particularly difficult subject to tackle, because the world-wide embarrassment Mayor Ford has heaped on the city of Toronto affects me personally. My family lives there, as did I for an extended period. I did not vote for Mayor Ford when he was elected two years ago, but I hoped he would prove a better caretaker of my favorite city than his predecessor. Alas, it turns out, he has transcended the political ranks, and is barely clinging to the bottom rung. His story changes day-by-day, and at this point, I, along with my fellow Torontonians hope that he will eventually just go away.

It’s hard to say whether or not online training would truly help disgraced politicians, but for those of us who do not have to live life with a posse of press following us around, baying for our blood, online training is a great option when it comes to educating ourselves and others on the pitfalls of drugs and sexual harassment. In fact, there are thousands of ways online training can rescue us, without having to apologize, or resign from our jobs.

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