16 Mental Health Courses Online For 2024 To Boost Your Mental Health


16 Mental Health Courses Online For 2024 To Boost Your Mental Health

Anjali Dalal | Jun, 5 2024

Top 16 Mental Health Courses For Workplace Wellness


Our well-being depends critically on our mental health. It shapes our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. And it’s important to work proactively to preserve and enhance our mental health. 

Mental health courses here play a big part. This blog covers 16 best mental health courses from Coggno to improve your and your employee’s mental health.

Let’s get started! 

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Top 16 Mental Health Courses with Certificates Available At Coggno

Below are some of the top-rated mental health courses available at Coggno just for you:


#1 Improving Mental Health Pathway

Discover valuable strategies to boost your mental well-being with this comprehensive course. In just 60 minutes, gain practical skills to enhance resilience, manage stress, and develop mental endurance. This training features six concise video sessions and actionable workbooks for employees seeking to improve their mental health awareness and apply these principles in their daily lives.

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#2 Work Stress And Mental Health Training For Healthcare Providers 3.0 Course

This course equips healthcare providers with essential strategies to manage work-related stress and mental health challenges. In just 45 minutes, gain insights into controlling stress, understanding physician burnout, and addressing compassion fatigue. Upon completion, you’ll earn a certificate verifying your training. Ideal for healthcare employees, this course is an invaluable resource for fostering a healthier, more resilient workplace.

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#3 Work Stress And Mental Health Training For Paraprofessionals 3.0 Course

This engaging 45-minute course empowers paraprofessionals with vital techniques to manage work-related stress and mental health issues. Learn about the causes of work stress, how to control it, and how to tackle compassion fatigue. Completing the course earns you a certificate and 0.75 CEUs. Ideal for employees, it’s a valuable resource for fostering a healthier workplace environment.

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#4 Mental Health: Managing Mental Health Issues

This concise 7-minute course is essential for managers aiming to support employees with mental health issues. Learn to recognize signs of mental illness, understand your responsibilities, and provide necessary support. Gain insights into encouraging treatment and addressing how mental health can impact work performance, ensuring a fair and supportive workplace for all.

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#5 Mental Health: Navigating Your Own Mental Health

This insightful 7-minute course helps individuals recognize and navigate their own mental health challenges. Learn about the symptoms of mental illness, explore various treatment options, and understand when to seek help. Additionally, gain guidance on finding the right medical professional and what to expect from therapy, fostering a path toward better mental well-being.

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#6 Elevate Your Mental Health And Well-being (Course)

Recognizing the vital importance of mental well-being, this engaging 30-minute course offers invaluable insights and practical strategies to enhance your mental health. You’ll learn to observe, sustain, and elevate your well-being through diverse methods tailored to your journey. Whether you’re new to mental wellness or looking to deepen your understanding, this course provides a transformative experience toward a healthier, happier future.

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#7 Mental Health: Destigmatizing

In just 5 minutes, this impactful course addresses the crucial need to destigmatize mental illness. Learn how to educate yourself and others, eliminate offensive language, and promote open discussions about mental health. By fostering compassion and respect, we can combat exclusion and support the 80% of Americans who will experience a diagnosable mental illness. Join us in creating a more understanding and inclusive workplace.

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#8 Stress Management Essentials For The Workplace (Course)

This 50-minute course provides essential strategies for managing stress in the workplace. Gain insights into the importance of stress management and explore five effective techniques, including meditation, mindful eating, cultivating positivity, mastering serenity, and seeking professional support. Perfect for employees, this course offers practical tools to enhance both mental and physical well-being. Start your journey towards a stress-free work environment today!

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#9 Well-being Course

In just 12 minutes, this Well-being course offers vital coping strategies for office workers dealing with stress and worry. Learn to recognize the signs of pressure affecting your well-being, boost your mental health, and address anxiety or depression. Part of an 18-part Office Induction series, this course equips new and existing employees with practical techniques for a healthier, more productive work life.

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#10 What If? Mentality Course

Adopt a proactive approach to safety with the 7-minute “What If?” Mentality course. Learn to foresee potential issues and prevent near-misses and serious incidents. Ideal for managers, supervisors, and safety committee members, this course will help you understand and apply the “What If?” mentality to various situations, enhancing overall safety and preparedness in the workplace.

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#11 Mental Health And Well-being: Your Own Mental Wellness (Course)

Achieving and maintaining good mental well-being is crucial for everyone. In just 12 minutes, this course offers valuable insights into what constitutes mental health and provides practical tips for improving your mental wellness. Learn about mindfulness, emotional wellness techniques, and healthy habits to enhance your well-being. Part of a 13-part series, this module is specifically designed for employees aiming to boost their mental health in the workplace.

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#12 Elevate Your Mental Health And Well-being (Course)

Recognizing the importance of mental well-being, this 30-minute course offers essential knowledge and methods to enhance your mental health. Learn to observe, sustain, and elevate your mental wellness through practical steps. Whether you’re beginning your mental health journey or deepening your understanding, this course provides valuable insights. Invest in your mental health today for a happier, healthier tomorrow.

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#13 Mental Health And Well-being: The Implementation (Course)

Elevate your workplace with this dynamic course to foster a psychologically healthy environment. This training offers a practical, step-by-step guide to implementing an effective mental health and well-being plan. Perfect for managers and supervisors, it teaches you to set meaningful goals, execute the plan, and ensure continuous improvement, all within a concise 12-minute module.

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#14 Mental Health And Well-being: Stress Management (Course)

Unlock the secrets to managing stress with this insightful course. Designed to help employees thrive in today’s fast-paced world, this 17-minute module teaches you to recognize and reprogram your physical and emotional responses to stress. Learn effective strategies, from visualizing a mental haven to adopting healthy habits, ensuring you can navigate life’s challenges with confidence and resilience.

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#15 Mental Health And Well-being: Managing Well-being (Course)

Enhance your managerial skills with this essential course on managing well-being. In just 12 minutes, you’ll discover the vital role a supportive and communicative manager plays in fostering a mentally healthy workplace. Learn to identify basic human needs, manage psychosocial hazards, and promote holistic well-being, ensuring your team thrives in a positive and inclusive environment. Perfect for managers and supervisors.

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#16 Mental Health And Well-being: The Warning Signs (Course)

Learn to identify and support team members in distress with this impactful course. In just 12 minutes, managers and supervisors will explore key warning signs of mental illness and effective ways to offer support. You’ll also gain insight into non-verbal cues and privacy legislation, equipping you to create a compassionate and legally compliant workplace.

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How Do Mental Health Courses Help In Improving Mental Health?

Mental health courses play an important role in improving your mental health. They help you in:


Understanding Mental Health Education

Mental health courses provide structured education on various aspects of mental well-being. These courses can help you: 

  • Understand the science behind mental health; 
  • Recognize symptoms of mental health issues; 
  • Learn practical strategies to cope with stress and anxiety.


Developing Coping Strategies

Mental health courses include modules on developing coping strategies. You learn how to manage stress, handle emotional challenges, and build resilience. These skills are essential for maintaining long-term mental health.


Enhancing Self-Awareness

Through mental health training, you become more self-aware. Understanding your mental health patterns and triggers can help you take proactive steps to manage your well-being. This self-awareness is crucial for early intervention and prevention.


Building A Supportive Community

Participating in mental health courses and training can connect you with others who are on a similar journey. Building a supportive community can encourage you, reduce feelings of isolation, and enhance your sense of well-being.

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From Where To Take Mental Health Courses?

One platform to consider for mental health courses is Coggno. Coggno is an online marketplace specializing in enterprise training. We provide a comprehensive range of courses tailored to meet the needs of organizations and their employees.

Coggno offers a variety of mental health training programs for employees’ well-being. These programs increase awareness of mental health issues and equip employees with the skills needed to manage stress and maintain a healthy work-life balance

These courses cover crucial topics such as stress management, mental health awareness, resilience building, and strategies for fostering a supportive work environment.

Coggno’s mental health training ensures that employees have access to high-quality, professionally developed training that promotes mental well-being and creates a healthier, more productive workplace.


FAQs On Mental Health

Below are some of the frequently asked questions on mental health:


Q1: How to improve mental health through daily habits? 

A: You can improve mental health through daily habits by incorporating regular exercise, maintaining a balanced diet, getting adequate sleep, practicing mindfulness, and engaging in hobbies you enjoy.


Q2: How to improve mental health in the workplace? 

A: Improve mental health in the workplace by promoting open communication, providing access to mental health resources, encouraging regular breaks, and creating a supportive environment that prioritizes work-life balance.


Q3: How does exercise improve mental health and mood? 

A: Exercise improves mental health and mood by releasing endorphins, natural mood lifters. It also reduces levels of the body’s stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol.


Q4: How does exercise improve mental health during stressful times? 

A: During stressful times, exercise helps improve mental health by providing a healthy outlet for stress, promoting relaxation, and distracting from negative thoughts, thus enhancing emotional resilience.


Q5: How can I improve my mental health through workplace mental health training my employer provides? 

A: You can improve your mental health through workplace mental health training provided by your employer by participating in sessions focused on mental health awareness, learning to recognize early signs of stress and burnout, and utilizing company resources like employee assistance programs.


Q6: How can I improve my mental health through workplace mental health training programs? 

A: Workplace mental health training programs can help you improve your mental health by offering workshops and seminars on coping strategies, mindfulness practices, and communication skills. These can all reduce workplace stress and improve overall well-being.


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Bottom Line

Placing mental health as a top priority is vital for overall well-being. You can considerably enhance your mental well-being by taking any of the above-mentioned courses and reading our following blog on 10 mental health tips. Always keep in mind that small steps can lead to big changes. 

What are you waiting for? Invest in your mental health and yield positive results that will permeate all facets of your existence. Take your mental health training from Coggno today.

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