More on Courseware System Fonts


More on Courseware System Fonts

More on Courseware System Fonts

Font is an influential aspect of your courseware system design, just like your logo and colors. If you’re a font fanatic like me, there exists the danger of choosing a favorite style that may be comfortable for you to read, but not for all courseware system users. Ariel, Times New Roman, and Verdana are alright, though Sans-serif fonts are said to be ideal.

There are some important guidelines to go by when choosing a font. Make sure the font is the right size, not too small or large–12 is generally good. For children, opt for a larger font size to help them concentrate on the text. Also, remember to contrast the font color with the background. The background should be lighter than the text–the opposite hurts many people’s eyes (mine included). You can use color to differentiate between topics, headers, and links, or to highlight specific information.

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