Food Handler Card Certification NM (New Mexico)

New Mexico Food Handlers Card Training

Food Handler Card Certification NM (New Mexico)

Anjali Dalal | Mar, 22 2023

New Mexico Food Handler Card Training

Are you interested in becoming a food handler? Or, you are already a professional cook and want to learn the regulations for obtaining your state’s food handlers card NM. 

New Mexico food handlers card training will help you learn about your state’s requirements for obtaining a food handlers card. 

You’ll learn everything from how long the card is valid, why you should take it, and more!

Food Handler’s Training Course  New Mexico English & Spanish


Does New Mexico Require Food Handler Training?

Food handler training is required in New Mexico. However, Albuquerque/Bernalillo County is exempt from food handler training requirements in New Mexico.

However, certain employers in the county may prefer candidates with accredited food safety training. 

Note: New Mexico Administrative Code (NMAC) § 7.6.2-104.11 requires all food handlers to complete an approved food handler course within 30 days of hiring and pass an exam. 

Allergen Awareness Training Course – New Mexico — English & Spanish


Why Is Food Handler Training Required?

Food handler training is required by law and helps to protect the public from foodborne illness. 

It can be completed through classroom instruction or online learning platforms like ours!

In addition to providing information about safe cooking temperatures and proper hand-washing techniques, our course will teach you how:

  • How long should items be kept in hot holding versus cold holding before they need to be discarded for safety reasons? 
  • How long have utensils been left out at room temperature before they’re no longer safe?
  • To prevent cross-contamination between raw meat products (like chicken) and ready-to-eat foods (like salad dressing).
  • How long does it take for bacteria to grow inside different foods if left out too long without refrigeration?
  • How often should employees wash their hands throughout an eight-hour shift with soap & warm water or an antiseptic hand sanitizer when necessary? 

Food Protection: Manager’s Exam (In-Person Proctoring)—New Mexico — English & Spanish

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What Are the Requirements for a Food Handler Card In NM?

To obtain a food handlers card NM (New Mexico), you must be 18 years old and have completed an approved course. 

Additionally, each location where you handle food must have its own certificate. 

You also need to obtain a separate card for each type of food handler.

For example, if you work in both restaurants and grocery stores as a cook or baker, then you’d need two different cards:

  • One for restaurant workers; and 
  • One for bakers who prepare baked goods in grocery stores. 

Furthermore, even if your employer only requires one type of certification (say, all employees need only an ASEP-approved course), getting multiple certifications is still good practice. 

It will make it easier on yourself when looking for work elsewhere later.

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Who Needs a Food Handlers Card?

Anyone who handles food or serves it to the public needs a New Mexico food handlers card. It includes:

  • Employees who prepare, package, and serve food
  • Employees who maintain equipment used for handling or serving food 

New Mexico Food Handlers Card

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Process for Getting a Food Handler Certificate in New Mexico ?

Obtaining a New Mexico food handler certificate involves completing a training program approved by the New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) and passing an exam. 

Here are the steps to get a New Mexico food handler certificate:


Choose A Training Provider 

New Mexico food handler training is available online or in person through various providers. 

You can take a food handler course online from Coggno.

It is a convenient and effective way to fulfill the training requirements for obtaining a food handler certificate.

Coggno online food handler courses offer several advantages, including flexibility in scheduling and the ability to complete the training at your own pace. 

Our courses are typically self-paced, so you can take as much time as you need to study the material and complete the course.


Complete The Training

The training can be completed in a few hours and is self-paced. You must complete all the required modules and pass the associated quizzes.


Take The Exam

After completing the training, you must take an exam to demonstrate your knowledge of food safety and sanitation practices. 


Receive Your Certificate

You will receive your New Mexico food handler certificate upon passing the exam.

Food Protection Manager Course (Lessons Only) – New Mexico — English & Spanish


Does the Coggno Course Meet The Requirements For My State’s Food Handlers Card?

Yes, this course meets your state’s food handlers card requirements. 

You can print out a certificate at the end of the class and take the test online to get your card.

Food Protection Manager Course (Training And Exam Bundle – Remote Proctor Exam) – New Mexico — English & Spanish


What Is The Validity Of The New Mexico Food Handlers Card Certificate?

The validity of the New Mexico food handlers certificate is three years from the date of issue. 

After the certificate expires, food handlers must undergo refresher training and obtain a new certificate. 

Food Protection Manager Course – (Training And Exam Bundle – In-Person Exam) – New Mexico — English & Spanish


What Jobs Can I Get In New Mexico With My Food Handler License?

A food handler license in New Mexico can open up various job opportunities in the food service industry. Here are some of the jobs that you can consider:



The license can help you understand the basic principles of food safety, which is essential in serving customers.



The license can help you understand the essential food preparation and handling principles.



The license can help you understand the basic principles of food safety and hygiene, which are essential when handling beverages.


Food Service Manager

A food handler license, in combination with additional training and certification, can qualify individuals to work as food service managers. 


Best Place To Find Information About Food Safety In New Mexico

The New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) is the primary agency regulating food safety in New Mexico. It is a reliable source of information on this critical public health issue.

Food Protection: Manager’s Exam (Remote Proctoring) – New Mexico — English & Spanish

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