Online Certification That Helps Your Career

Online certification that helps your career

Online Certification That Helps Your Career

Rochelle van Rensburg | May, 7 2019

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For all those looking forward to building a job, there are two essential things that they can do. One is to add a qualification to their resume, and the other is to learn new skills. Adding a requirement can be done formally in a college or by doing Online Academic Courses. The growth of e-learning has ensured that there are many top portals, where one can study online courses. A learner can register for a course online, complete it and are certified, which is a qualification acquired that can help in the resume.

Training organizations and corporate entities offer these courses. These courses help a learner to acquire new skills that can help get a job. These courses can help a learner in picking up those skills needed at work. These are the practical, industry-relevant skills that a company would want employees to have.

Coggno online marketplace

Coggno’s online training marketplace offers a one-stop shop for training content creators, employees of organisations and the HR function in organisations. Allows employees of companies to do Online training courses offered by various organisations. The right way for corporate organisations to enable their employees to get their training needs fulfilled by the best content creators.

The Coggno portal is easy to use to get career advice for all those interested in enhancing their career by acquiring skills by doing Online Academic Courses. The courses offered are designed by experts who are well-experienced in the subject and know what the industry needs. The course content is practical and would help the learner advance in his career. The site offers a full-fledged Learning Management System for delivery of courses.

Courses offered

Coggno offers a variety of online training courses. These courses are offered in areas like:

Free courses

The site provides several free courses that are very useful for skill improvement. Some of the top free courses are:

1) Deconstructing Project Success

This free course allows the learner to understand how they can identify project criteria that ensure success. It provides valuable advice on turning failure to progress in projects.

2) Write better Email

This course will help you to learn, how to send the email in the right way. This introductory course provides valuable inputs for drafting emails.

3) Understanding Investing

Understanding Investing is a free course on financial markets. Learners can understand all about investing and basic concepts behind how to invest in making money.

4) Calming Upset Customers

Only Coggno allows you to pick up valuable skills like calming customers who are angry and upset. These practical skills can help in a career.

5) Agile Scrum framework

Agile Scum is one of the top software development methodologies. Basic concepts of this modern methodology are dealt with in these online courses.

Popular courses

Popular Online Training Courses available on Coggno Learn Management System:

1) Learn Word 2010

Microsoft Word 2010 is a popular software used in most companies. You can now learn how to master this word-processing software.

2) Diversity made Simple

Corporate organisations work to ensuring diversity among their workforce.

3) How to Negotiate Salary

Everyone wants a salary commensurate with their skills, qualification, and experience. Most people don’t know how to get it. This course helps learners understand techniques to negotiate and get a salary that they deserve.

4) How to communicate effectively

This course is a highly relevant course as communication is what helps one to succeed in their work. This course allows the learner to learn how to communicate practically.

5) Quickbooks Pro 2016

One of the most popular accounting software is Quickbooks Pro 2016. Quickbooks Pro 2016 software used by most of the companies and learning this software would allow accountants to do well in their career. This course would be useful for those working in small businesses.

6) Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification

This course is a valuable course allowing learners to learn Lean Six Sigma and work to acquiring a Yellow belt certification. This course is useful for those involved in operations management.

7) Mastering Social Media

This course is for those searching for a job or looking for advancing in their career. The course helps learners to understand how powerful social media  is for career growth.

There are a large number of such value-added courses available for learners on Coggno to help them grow in their career.

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