Online Courses make Language Learning Easy and Fun


Online Courses make Language Learning Easy and Fun

Coggno Inc. | May, 11 2011

Learning systems like Coggno, which offers multi language versions of its simple user interface, provide learners and trainees with a rich learning experience. The feature of a multi-language interface makes possible the simple and fast distribution of learning content to learners who might be anywhere in the world and who speak Spanish, Russian, Portuguese or German.

Of course, this means that your training or other kind of education content can be delivered to speakers of various languages. Your content might be related to business, health, human resources, information technology, personal counseling, or real estate. Or, it might be a course on language learning itself.

Why do more organizations need language learning courses?

With an increasingly globalized economy, language ability is becoming a more valuable skill for employees. From the management of international teams of staff to the translation and quick in-house proofreading of publicity texts, having staff on board who are able to work in various languages is an invaluable asset to more and more companies. Language learning courses can train employees in writing, research, social media, copy-editing, and proofreading.

How can you create a rich language course?

Using a learning system like Coggno provides a simple way to create language learning content. As with any learning content, the more multimedia used, the more texture the course will have and the more interesting it will be for learners. Since language learning is an experience that requires sound and is most effective when complemented with both visuals and sound, the integration of media like podcasts and videos into your language learning content is tremendously beneficial.

Create podcasts in language learning

Since language acquisition depends largely on listening skills, podcasts are an effective tool, not to mention fun to create. If you’ve ever created a podcast, you were probably stunned by how easy it was, and perhaps the fact that you enjoyed doing it. And with learning systems like Coggno, podcast creation and distribution to your learners is fast and easy with the Apple podcast creation feature.

If you decide to make podcasts to include in your learning material, just be sure to intersperse music, sound bites, and other ear-catching audio to break up the speech and make for more pleasurable listening. Also, of course, it’s key to choose an interesting topic.

Include videos in language learning

Videos are another great asset for language learning content. You can either include a pre-made video or create your own, using Coggno’s simple video tool. Personally, I prefer the latter—like podcast creation, creating a video can be a lot of fun. Write up a short dialog in the language of your course, and get a couple of people to act it out. Then, repeat the same scenario, but this time with subtitles in the course language.

Finally, have the actors address the viewers, asking questions about what they have just seen. Then plug those questions into Coggno’s simple quiz creator so that the students can also read the questions and answer them through the course’s interface. Click here to visit Coggno, sign up for a free account, and have your learning material ready for distribution in 5 minutes—it’s that easy.

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