Online Courseware Beginnings


Online Courseware Beginnings

Online Courseware BeginningsOnline courseware is truly still in its tween years. Grazieadei’s online computer-delivered lecture, tutorial and assessment project was one of the industry’s infants in 1993. The group used email, VAX Notes conferences and Gopher/Lynx combined with software programs allowing students and educator to create virtual science classrooms.

In 1997 Graziadei published an article that described a process of evaluating products and developing a strategy for technology-based course development and educational management. Products like online courseware, the article noted, should be easy to use and maintain, portable, replicable, scalable, and affordable, and should be likely to succeed with long-term cost-effectiveness. Today products and tools ranging from wikis and blogs to collaborative software and online courseware comprise a young and promising industry.

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