Online Training in Management Might Have Been Helpful to BlackBerry


Online Training in Management Might Have Been Helpful to BlackBerry

Erica Caramol | Oct, 8 2013

It was only about a decade ago when the BlackBerry was introduced in North America, snagging millions with its ability to function as a phone and a handheld computer. We could simultaneously talk, text, and check our e-mail on one simple device. What could be better than that?

Unfortunately, BlackBerry has gone from “CrackBerry” to Betamax, becoming obsolete in the presence of Apple iPhones, and Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy. The powers that be at the Canadian company thought they would always retain their share of the market, but with these new devices offering many more bells and whistles, the market has all but dried up. Earlier this week, the company announced a loss of over $900 million, which includes unsold devices, and it has decided to lay off 4,500 of its employees.

What Went Wrong?

The financial sector is having a grand time analyzing the downfall of the CrackBerry, but despite spending billions on research and development, it seems that BlackBerry (formerly Research in Motion) was never willing to make its devices more like the iPhone, to keep up with smart phone innovation. Sure, it added some features found on the more popular devices, but not enough to maintain the loyalty of its long-time customers. After all, the smart phone has become yet one more piece of technology that seemingly changes with the speed of light. As soon as you purchase the latest model, you hear of the next generation coming in a few short months. BlackBerry presumed that the technology it offered would endure, but it has not. The majority of smart phone users now opt for the iPhone, or an Android device that offers much more than the BlackBerry ever did. You can now check your e-mail, send your texts, Tweet, check Facebook, and even order dinner via iPhone or Android. Why would you want a BlackBerry?

It’s hard to say what exactly happened to derail BlackBerry, but management has certainly let many people down. The company was a significant innovator and job creator, but all that came crashing down around them. It has gotten to the point where we will most likely be laughing over the demise of BlackBerry, as we tap away at our newfangled devices over lattes. The devices will soon be under glass in technology exhibits, next to VCRs, Cathode ray tube televisions, and rotary-dial telephones.

Maybe some online training could have come in handy, but it is too late to do anything but speculate. Other companies that have reached crossroads can certainly benefit from online training courses to help bolster management. Knowledge gives us the power to face problems head-on, and find solutions before things become desperate, as they have for BlackBerry. Luckily, Coggno has a comprehensive library of online training courses in Management and Leadership, which have gotten many businesses through some tough times. It might be too late for BlackBerry, but it’s not too late for your company, if you act now.

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