Online Training Offers Distinct Advantages Over Classroom Learning


Online Training Offers Distinct Advantages Over Classroom Learning

Erica Caramol | Mar, 31 2016

What makes online training different from traditional classroom training? Is it the cost of training delivery, course of degrees that your learners can choose from, or is the flexibility that elearning offers? We have listed some of the most widespread advantages that online training offers to learners and trainers.

You want to lower the cost of training. With online training you can reduce brick and mortar costs that are needed for classrooms. If you have a global learning audience, e-learning can help you reach this audience with ease and cut the cost involved for travel, accommodation and support material. With online training, students can save on the cost of buying books, notes or additional materials that are required in a classroom. All the materials can be made available online and downloaded as required.

You need flexibility when training. When you have your entire training available online, you don’t need a schedule. All you need to do is upload the training modules, videos, audio transcripts and launch the course. What you need to do is decide on the calendar day to release the training so that your students are aware when the latest online training is available. This approach works well for students as well because they can study at their own pace.

Make your training effective.  It’s a fact that most of the learners do not retain all the training delivered in the classroom. Online training is designed and developed to overcome this challenge and allows the learner to revisit the training when needed. In fact one of the top advantages is that you can have a large audience and better training effectiveness as compared to a large classroom audience.

Flexibility with the audience. Most of the training carried out in the classroom is not suited for learners who are working. They are either at night school with a day job, a part time job with a part time course and or in-house training in organizations. In any scenario this can affect the productivity of employees and be quite tiresome for such students. Online training is an advantage in such scenarios. Why? Learners can decide the schedule, learn when they choose to and get back to the job. The training is always available and can be picked up from where its left off. Even trainers can reach a wider audience, which is not really an option with in house training. Not everyone is willing to leave a job to earn a degree but would find this alternative quite tempting.

Your learners can network. Though classrooms enable face-to-face interaction, it is not a solution when your learners have a doubt. In such situations, online training courses can give your learners the comfort of asking questions without feeling awkward. This confidence helps learners; trainers and the learners can network while they work with each other. Virtual classrooms like these foster an environment to learn and have a high success rate.

Assignments, assessments and evaluation.  Online training leverages the latest technology to assess learners and provides trainers with customized reports. Assessments can be made more interactive, real life scenarios can be used to engage learners and even basic multiple-choice questions can be randomized to avoid dishonesty. Learners have the advantage of receiving feedback instantly or at the end of the test. In house training assessments do not offer learners or trainers flexibility of this variety.

It is important to remember that online training has proved to help learners better and retain a large amount of training because of a self paced environment. There are other benefits that are seen in an online learning environment but usually experienced by learners that are a part of an online training for the first time.

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