Or Should the Learning Content Come to You?


Or Should the Learning Content Come to You?

Coggno Inc. | Sep, 17 2008

Or Should the Learning Content Come to You?YouTube broke the mold early on. Whether we’re dealing with learning content per se or music videos, YouTube has always been both a site and a mediator of “its” learning content: viewers could go to the web site and watch videos, and they could embed and watch them on other web sites, e.g. blogs.

YouTube always knew that if viewers had to make their virtual way over to the web site, they were going to get a lot less traffic than if they made their learning content this flexible. YouTube videos can be found on MySpace, Facebook, etc.—places many people spend countless time perusing, and may rather browse than YouTube alone. Of course, when people want to browse through categorized learning content, the YouTube site is always available.

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