OSHA Compliance – Saving Lives and Protecting Employee Health


OSHA Compliance – Saving Lives and Protecting Employee Health

Whether you love or hate it, the Occupational Safety and Health Act serves to protect people in the workplace. It might seem obvious that people ought to work in environments that do not pose a threat to their health and where employees can be relatively sure that their safety will not be jeopardized by setting foot at work, yet, this is not always the case. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, private industry employers reported nearly 2.9 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses for 2015; a number that would certainly have been more significant in the absence of OSHA standards.

Early in 2017, the National Safety Council released the results from 2000 multi-industry interviews regarding workers’ perceptions of workplace safety in the USA. When asked to respond to the statement “Management does only the minimum required by law to keep employees safe,” workers from Information (61%), Agriculture/Forestry/Fishing/Hunting (52%), and Construction (51%) agreed with it. Although the data is based on sentiments, workers’ perceptions should not be minimized, as these perceptions perhaps reflect the fact that many employers in those industries do not appreciate the importance and impact of adhering to OSHA regulations.

Complying with OSHA standards should not merely be viewed as a box-ticking exercise, and employers’ efforts should be geared toward protecting workers from potentially dangerous, preventable work-related hazards to safeguard their and the organization’s best interests. Included in the Coggno training library are some excellent courses by BLR/TrainingToday that will not only help organizations in complying, but also in gaining a better appreciation for the significance of compliance. These courses include training in developing health and safety regulations, identifying how OSHA investigations are triggered, how to develop an inspection action plan, understanding the steps in the inspection process, how and why to assume an effective role in the inspection, and how to deal with the outcome of an inspection successfully. This week, we highlight the following six courses:

OSHA Inspections, Citations, and Penalties Course* (Duration: 33 minutes)

OSHA Inspections, Citations, and Penalties

Introduction to OSHA and the General Duty Clause Course* (Duration: 20 minutes)

Introduction to OSHA and the General Duty Clause

OSHA’s Lockout/Tagout Standard Course* (Duration: 17 minutes)

OSHA's Lockout-Tagout Standard

OSHA’s Emergency Action and Fire Prevention Standard Course* (Duration: 21 minutes)

OSHA's Emergency Action and Fire Prevention Standard

OSHA’s General Industry Forklift Standard Course* (Duration: 24 minutes)

OSHA's General Industry Forklift Standard

OSHA’s General Industry PPE Standard Course* (Duration: 27 minutes)

OSHA's General Industry PPE Standard

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