Prioritizing Assignments in Online Courseware


Prioritizing Assignments in Online Courseware

Prioritizing Assignments in Online CoursewareSay you’ve got a list of household chores to do: rake leaves, scrub the kids’ bathroom, dust, call the chimney cleaner. In what order would you typically check them off? To make the rest of the morning’s chores more relaxed, a good strategy is to do the most tedious, difficult or generally undesirable task first. After scrubbing every porcelain and tile nook and cranny in the bathroom, calling the chimney cleaner won’t even feel like a chore.

When checking off a list of online courseware assignments, go with the most challenging first. Maybe it’s part of the online courseware you just haven’t gotten the hang of yet, or don’t fully understand. Procrastination in weak areas can even affect other strong ones, making you less sure about other online courseware work. On the other hand, completing the most daunting assignments first will give you confidence to breeze through the rest.

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