Top 12 Process Safety Management Training And Certification Courses

process safety management training

Top 12 Process Safety Management Training And Certification Courses

Anjali Dalal | Jan, 29 2024

Process Safety Management Training Online: The Top 12 Certification Courses


If you are new to process safety management, please head to our What Is Process Safety Management And How To Implement It blog.

But if you know it all, you are good to start.

Before we dive into the online process safety management (PSM) courses, let’s picture this: a world where managing risks is as smooth as butter, and accidents in the industrial universe are as rare as hen’s teeth. 

It’s enticing, isn’t it? Well, guess what? That world is within your grasp, thanks to the splendor of online PSM training. 

And if you’re amping up to navigate the world of online process safety management (PSM) training courses, you’ve buckled in at just the right moment. 

This blog will discuss the top 12 online PSM courses available on Coggno. So, without a dull moment in sight, let’s launch into this blog. Ready? 


Course 1: Process Safety Management: Process Safety Information (US) Course

This course is essential for EHS managers focusing on chemical hazard identification. Through this 14-minute session, learners are equipped to identify crucial Process Safety Information (PSI), categorize them into three main divisions, and pinpoint the specific details contained within. 

With thorough coverage of PSI elements like chemicals, technology, and equipment, the course is a compact yet comprehensive exploration into the foundation of creating safer chemical processes. 

Available in English, the course includes a certificate and a bookmarking feature and primarily targets employees seeking expertise in safety management.

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Course 2: Process Safety Management: Process Hazard Analysis (US)

This course is an essential guide for EHS managers seeking to bolster workplace safety. Over a concise 45-minute learning journey, participants delve into PHA techniques, risk assessment methods, and implementation strategies. 

This thorough exploration covers popular methodologies such as HAZOP, FMEA, and FTA, culminating in the ability to craft and interpret PHA reports. Geared towards employees, the course facilitates expertise in identifying, evaluating, and mitigating process hazards, fortifying an organization’s safety framework. 

Enhanced with certification and bookmarking capabilities and delivered in English and Spanish, it’s an essential investment in compliance and protection.

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Course 3: Process Safety Management: Training (US) Course

This concise yet comprehensive 11-minute training, targeted at EHS managers and industry personnel, elucidates the criticality of effective instruction in preventing mishaps. Through the lens of PSM regulations, the course crystalizes the mosaic of training mandates, delineating employer responsibilities, an array of training methodologies, and the pivotal role of documentation. 

A certificate of completion, a bookmarkable format, and the option for English instruction make this course a compact tool for empowering employees with the knowledge to champion safety in the process ecosystem.

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Course 4: Process Safety Management: Overview (US) Course

This course is a crucial resource for EHS managers seeking to fortify their knowledge on safeguarding against hazardous incidents in industrial operations. Within a compact 13-minute learning window, this course delves into the architecture of a robust PSM program, pivotal for entities handling dangerous chemicals. 

Successful completion earns participants a certificate and the foundational understanding to identify PSM-compliant companies and essential safety practices.

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Course 5: Process Safety Management: Operating Procedures (US) Course

This course focuses on the critical aspect of safety in EHS management. As part of PSM regulations, it underpins the importance of documented instructions, which ensure employees conduct their roles safely during process operations. The comprehensive course educates on identifying operating procedures and managing risks, covering scope and procedure development topics. 

Aimed at employees, the brief 16-minute instructional framework promises a certificate for successful learners.

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Course 6: Process Safety Management: Mechanical Integrity (US) Course

This course is a crucial resource for EHS managers seeking to ensure compliance with safety regulations while averting disasters in chemical facilities. The course underscores the necessity of adhering to a robust Mechanical Integrity Program (MIP) as part of the overarching Process Safety Management (PSM) stipulations. 

Learners can understand the essential facets of mechanical integrity maintenance by engaging with topics like MIP preparation, written procedures, and quality assurance. 

The 16-minute lesson is accessible to employees in English and culminates in a certificate.

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Course 7: Process Safety Management: Incident Investigation (US)

In this 24-minute course, employees learn to identify, investigate, and report potentially catastrophic incidents involving hazardous chemicals. This course focuses on types of incidents, planning, data collection, causation, corrective measures, and reporting. 

The training encourages robust employee involvement, ensuring that every crew member understands the importance of their role in safeguarding their industrial ship from disaster storms. 

Bilingual in English, this course charts the route and bestows a certificate of completion.

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Course 8: Process Safety Management: Contractors (US)

This course is an essential resource for EHS managers keen on cementing safety cooperatives between host and contract employers at process facilities. It provides a comprehensive review of the PSM regulation, delineating the roles and intertwining responsibilities incumbent upon various employer types at multi-employer sites. 

The 20-minute training is accessible in English, and it offers certification and bookmarking capabilities for an engaged audience of employees committed to fostering a secure working environment. 

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Course 9: Process Safety Management: Compliance Audits (US) Course

Focused on the EHS Manager’s safety category, this course is the pinnacle for employees seeking mastery over PSM’s stringent audit requisites. A concise yet comprehensive lesson lasting 15 minutes reveals key strategies for self-assessment and adherence to the 14 critical PSM elements. 

Enrollees will emerge with a certificate, armed with the prowess to identify and apply regulations pertinent to PSM audits, fortifying their facility against the hazards of chemicals in process industries. 

Available in English, the course is for those determined to elevate their compliance landscape.

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Course 10: Process Safety Management: Pre-Startup Safety Review (US) Course

Key for organizations seeking to mitigate noncompliance risks, this concise 11-minute course emphasizes the critical role of PSSR in safely launching new or modified systems. Diving into the nuances of startup types and PSSR execution, learners emerge equipped to distinguish between startups, outline PSSR procedures, and adeptly navigate the planning and implementation phases. 

This course is available in English and includes a certificate upon completion.

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Course 11: Process Safety Management: Management of Change (US)

Over a brief 15-minute span, participants delve into the lifecycle of change management, from inception to implementation, in minimizing chemical hazards. 

Key points include:

  • The essence of change
  • The structured MOC procedure, 
  • Meticulous documentation via Change Request Forms and
  • Rigorous implementation checks. 

Those who take this course will gain proficiency in initiating MOC protocols, crafting robust procedures, and adhering to PSM regulations. 

Furthermore, learners can authenticate their expertise with a certificate, and English speakers will find the course’s language accessibility beneficial. 

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Course 12: Process Safety Management (PSM) (US) Course

The course, which lasts 22 minutes, concisely yet richly encapsulates key objectives for supervisors, managers, and proactive team members. It crystallizes the essence of PSM elements, such as process hazard analysis and emergency response procedures. 

The inclusion of certification and multilingual support reinforces the course’s utility.

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Bottom Line

We hope the above process safety management courses have sparked an interest in bringing safety. Should any questions or thoughts arise, please don’t hesitate to contact us—we’re here to help.

Take the step forward with Coggno’s process safety management training resources. 


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