Putting the ‘Power’ Back in PowerPoint


Putting the ‘Power’ Back in PowerPoint

Erica Caramol | Jun, 16 2014

This week, we have a quick Q & A session with Karen Luyendyk. Karen works for the Canadian Institute For Health Information, and regularly uses PowerPoint during the many presentations she makes. Karen was looking for a way to jazz up her presentations and prevent her audiences from nodding off. So, she took Beyond Bullet Points 101 to help bring new life to her presentations, and get everyone excited about the important information she shares.

Here’s what Karen had to say about how her latest online training experience has enhanced her job:

Karen, was this the first time you took an online training course?


Where are you working right now?

Canadian Institute for Health Information

What prompted you to take the Beyond Bullet Points 101 online training courses?

I try to avoid the ‘Death By Power Point’ syndrome since Power Point is part of much of what I do. I also firmly believe in storytelling to illuminate important issues, so this course looked very interesting to me.

Do you feel you missed out on anything by not taking the course in a classroom?

Not at all.  Everything was well explained and the accompanying videos were helpful to me as a somewhat ‘technologically challenged’ individual.  My thoughts and ideas could flow freely and without distraction in response to the material.  I was able to watch the presentations at my own pace stopping them frequently to build my own presentation using what I was learning from the course.

Did the PowerPoint training course helped you perform your job better?

Yes, I am a trainer, and I now have a template with which to build compelling, interesting online training sessions.  I also attend and present at conferences and have frequently experienced frustration and boredom listening to the data heavy presentations that are described in the course.  I am excited to prepare for my next conference presentation using the Beyond Bullet Points storyboard format.

If you were given a “do-over,” how would you change your career path?

I am originally a nurse, and my favourite part was the ‘people part’.  I think I would like to have been a Hospital Chaplin perhaps.

Who has been the best boss you’ve ever worked for?

A lady named Pat who saw in me greater skill than I saw in myself and who challenged me to push my limits beyond what I thought I could do.  It was scary at the time, but this completely expanded my horizons and dramatically changed my career path.

What frustrates you most about your job?

Overall, I love my job. Occasionally there are the times when conservatism shies away from innovation.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Mostly retired but working part time perhaps in some sort of consultant/facilitator/trainer capacity.

Would you take more online training courses in the future?

Yes, I do quite regularly.

Want to Know More?

If you’re interested in getting your staff equipped with improved presentation skills or if you’d just like to learn to make more captivating PowerPoint presentations for your own career advancement, please be sure to check out this quick and easy course on the subject – Beyond Bullet Points 101.

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