Quantity Control in LMS Training


Quantity Control in LMS Training

Coggno Inc. | Nov, 17 2010

Quantity Control in LMS TrainingPart of successful performance management is your ability to empathize with your trainees and be realistic in the kind of LMS online training administered. When I say “kind” of training, I don’t necessarily mean considerations like which LMS platform you choose, whether or not you utilize previously established training methods, the options of online or in-person or a mixture of both, or any other basic decisions regarding training. What I mean is the style, form, texture, and resources your training employs, and what how these choices are reflected in the day-to-day training activities.

There are many causes of failed training initiatives, which are obviously a huge waste of organizations’ time and energy. Many of these causes are related not only to the quantity or length, but also the texture of the training.

Let’s face it: management often has a difficult time in gauging the appropriate amount of time to devote to training. One common mistake is to skimp on training. It’s rushed through, and ultimately the manager figuratively shrugs his shoulders and concludes that employees will learn the particular skill or topic on-the-job. However, managers should keep in mind that training IS on-the-job. Training is a critical part of employees’ work experience, which delivered effectively, can make an enormous difference in performance, greatly ease the task of performance management, and save an organization an enormous amount of time and money in employee turnover.

Do you expect trainees to read a large quantity of material during the training? One of the most prevalent reasons for failure in longer training sessions is the fact that they don’t fit into the trainees’ schedules and busy lives. For this reason, take the time to investigate the brilliant but simple-to-use texture-lending training tools offered by online training platforms, such as video and audio tools, which can provide the large quantity of information you need to relay in dynamic and convenient ways.


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