A Recipe for Facilitating Effective Meetings

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A Recipe for Facilitating Effective Meetings

Janine Ordman | Jan, 19 2018

What Is The Recipe For Facilitating Effective Meetings?


Effective meetings are like unicorns – mythical, elusive, and beautiful to behold; yet, unlike the unicorn, effective meetings could actually exist in this dimension.

To assist our fellow cryptozoologists aiming to specialize in the field of effective meeting facilitation, we’ve put together a magical recipe to guide you in your quest:

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List Of Ingredients


1x big dollop of a justifiably good reason to have a meeting (*Do not substitute)

Without a compelling reason, a meeting may become a gathering of wandering minds lost in the maze of pointless discussions.


A well-defined objective/s (*Depending on personal taste and appetite)

Objectives are the North Star guiding the ship of the meeting; without them, participants risk sailing adrift in a sea of ambiguity.


1x healthy serving of a clearly delineated meeting agenda

An agenda is the roadmap leading attendees through the meeting’s landscape, ensuring they arrive at the desired destination efficiently and effectively.


1x generous helping of relevant stakeholders (*Inclusion of irrelevant ones could sully the mixture)

Stakeholders are the essential ingredients that add depth and richness to the meeting’s flavor; however, too many or irrelevant ones may dilute the potency of the discussion.


A sprinkle of active participation (*Encouragement may be needed)

Active participation spices up the meeting, infusing it with diverse perspectives and valuable insights, but it requires a gentle nudge to ensure everyone feels empowered to contribute.


Preparation Instructions


Find a justifiably good reason to have a meeting, or it might even find you.

Sometimes, the most compelling reasons for a meeting reveal themselves when least expected; be prepared to seize the opportunity when it arises.


Determine whether said reason indeed justifies a meeting rather than resolving a matter with a phone call or email. Once determined, preparations can start.

Careful consideration ensures that meetings are reserved for matters that truly warrant face-to-face interaction, preserving everyone’s time and energy.


Establish which objective/s the meeting should work towards – extract carefully.

Like extracting the essence from a rare herb, identifying objectives requires patience and precision to distill the meeting’s purpose into its purest form.


Once objectives have been extracted, a healthy serving of a clearly delineated meeting agenda can be concocted. Bear in mind that said agenda needs to be hearty and flavorsome (Read: It needs to be functional and guide the discussion towards reaching the meeting’s objectives).

Crafting an agenda is akin to preparing a gourmet meal; it requires attention to detail and a balance of ingredients to create a satisfying experience for all participants.


Determine an optimal starting time and reasonable duration based on the nature of the objective/s.

Timing is crucial in the alchemy of meetings; choose a time when participants are most alert and allocate sufficient time to explore topics thoroughly without overindulgence.


Pick and add all available, relevant stakeholders to the mixture.

Like selecting the finest ingredients for a culinary masterpiece, choosing the right stakeholders ensures that the meeting’s flavor profile is rich and harmonious.


Combine the ingredients at room temperature.

Mixing stakeholders and objectives in a neutral environment fosters collaboration and synergy, allowing ideas to meld and flavors to blend seamlessly.


Carefully examine and digest agenda items, while bearing the meeting’s purpose in mind. Stay on topic.

Just as a connoisseur savors each course of a meal, participants should savor each agenda item, staying focused on the meeting’s overarching goal to avoid culinary distractions.


Season with water and/or caffeine.

Refreshments like water or caffeine can invigorate participants, keeping minds sharp and senses alert throughout the meeting.


If prepared correctly, the meeting will yield a workable, productive action plan.

Like a well-executed recipe, a successful meeting leaves participants with a sense of satisfaction and a clear roadmap for future endeavors.


Garnish with active participation to enhance flavor and engagement.

Active participation adds the finishing touch to a successful meeting, transforming it from a mere gathering into a dynamic exchange of ideas and insights.


For Best Results

• Start on time and do not exceed determined duration.
• Assign a facilitator to keep the meeting on schedule and on topic.
• Set non-agenda items aside for use, should enough time be available after all agenda items have been addressed.

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