Retain Top Employees


Retain Top Employees

Erica Caramol | Jun, 16 2015


It’s no secret in the corporate world that there’s no such thing as loyalty. Years ago, employees would devote decades to a single company, moving up through the ranks and possibly even retiring with a gold watch and a sizeable pension. Sadly, those days are long gone, and most of us pride ourselves on being free agents. What does it take to keep a talented individual from seeking greener pastures?

Every employee wants to be treated well by his or her employer. The vast majority of us take pride in our work, and of course, we expect to be rewarded for it. The problem is, there is such a gaping chasm of income inequality in the present workforce that many employees feel used, and even more employers no longer believe in rewarding good work. That leads to poor job performance and high turnover rates. People aren’t disposable, and they should not be treated as such.

When a dedicated, above-average person agrees to take a job, they don’t want to feel like a necessary evil. Employees need to feel wanted and important in order to perform well. Moreover, they want adequate compensation, and rewards for hard work. That means more than just the occasional pat on the back. In order to boost retention, employees must be invested in, like a blue-chip stock. Salary, benefits, vacation, retirement planning – these things are important when considering a job offer. If the benefits aren’t there, chances are, the quality of candidates won’t be very high. An open, honest work environment, as well as room for growth, make an attractive package, and foster loyalty.

Take a good, hard look at your turnover rates, and the reasons why you can’t seem to retain good people. Online training can help you make the necessary changes to bring good people on board, and keep them in your employ.

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