Sketching Software for Online Learning Systems


Sketching Software for Online Learning Systems

 Sketching Software for Online Learning SystemsLike gesturing, sketching is also lacking in 3D web learning systems. Sketching could involve actually drawing on a whiteboard or a piece of paper. But in today’s online learning system community, “sketching” often refers to doing calculations on a spreadsheet, editing a document, developing flow charts, or modeling products.

Simulation software like that of the Design Rationale Group at MIT helps users collaborate on the production of a sketch, as well as watch a collaborator’s additions play in real time, like watching a movie. For daily sketchers like engineers, who often use the tedious method of paper and pen sketching, the development of this kind of software is pivotal. In addition, 3D web programs like Second Life and other virtual worlds are making strides toward more comprehensive sketching capabilities.

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