Smart Online Courseware Headlines


Smart Online Courseware Headlines

Smart Online Courseware Headlines When designing your online courseware, consider your learners’ reading habits. Managing font based on how people read is important in web page and online courseware layout. Eyetrack III’s studies showed that larger font promotes lighter scanning of learning content. Therefore, keep your font on the smaller side (but not too small). This includes your online courseware headlines–larger headlines encourage scanning more than small ones.

Another interesting finding is how people tend to read headlines in relation to blurbs. The study showed that when headlines and blurbs were in similar size fonts and the headline preceded the blurb, participants viewed both. But when the headline was in a larger font than the blurb it preceded, they tended to view the headline and skip the blurb. Why? Viewers reason that since the headline is bigger, the information it contains must be sufficient.

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