Spending Wisely on Online Learning Systems


Spending Wisely on Online Learning Systems

Coggno Inc. | Mar, 4 2009

When choosing an online learning system, students should watch out for diploma mills. As I’ve written before, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Many online programs charge very little or require little work to obtain a degree.

On the other hand, many online training courses–both legitimate and fake–charge exorbitant fees. Of course, most higher education learning systems worth engaging in are pricey. Unless you’re in a country like Argentina where a quality higher education (at the University of Buenos Aires, for example) is free, you’re probably going to be shelling out quite a bit of money for a degree, online or not.

But you don’t want to find yourself in a situation where your yearly earnings are a third of what you owe in student loans. Make sure you only take out loans for what’s absolutely necessary and try to save cash in other ways. Identify and take advantage of your resources. Books and supplies can be found at significantly lower prices (and even for free on emerging open-source textbook websites). Oftentimes, computer and software companies offer big discounts for enrolled students.


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