Spotting Learning Content Biases


Spotting Learning Content Biases

Spotting Learning Content BiasesNews companies and individual journalists have enormous power over public learning content about world events. This power is wielded in all imaginable ways, ranging from very liberal to very conservative, as well as other spectrums of interests and views. One way in which certain perspectives make their way into news learning content is the placement of news items within a program or newspaper. The most significant stories, of course, appear on the first page. But individual papers decide which stories are more important than others.

Another way is the phrasing of headlines. For those without much time to digest all the news each day, these titles play an important role in their processing of world event learning content. Many people skim the headlines rather than read each article, and impressions are built upon those quick look-overs. The tone and word choice of the headlines carry a profound impact.

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