Step Away From the Devices and Relax on Weeknights


Step Away From the Devices and Relax on Weeknights

Tod Browndorf | Jan, 18 2016

Technology has been both a blessing and a curse. It has allowed us to tailor our jobs to suit our needs, but it also renders us “available” 24/7. We’d be telling some big fibs if we said we don’t obsessively check e-mails after hours or sleep with our smart phones on the night table (albeit on vibrate). These advances have their advantages, but they have effectively made the 40 hour workweek a thing of the past. So, how to we unwind, especially on weeknights when most of us are getting only 4-6 hours of sleep? Read on…

Devise a Game Plan

Your work day might be planned out down to the last minute, but that doesn’t mean your night has to be. Try to “play it by ear” when you get home instead of scheduling every last waking minute of your day. Feed the kids, help them with their homework, clean up, and then find something to do for yourself. Spend some quality time with your spouse; watch a favorite television program in real time; not on the DVR. Pick up a long-lost project that got buried because you thought you didn’t have time – start writing in your journal again, or work a crossword puzzle. The activities you could indulge in are countless, moreover they will help you sharpen your planning and organizing skills.

Get Out of the House

A little mid-week outing isn’t just for the young, hip and single. Moms and dads are more than entitled to go out for a friendly gathering during the week. And, that gathering doesn’t have to be co-workers; pick up the phone and call a friend you haven’t seen for a while to see if he/she is available for a drink or a bite to eat. Sign up for that weekly yoga class you’ve been wanting to take; join that book club that meets on the last Wednesday of every month; browse the mall on a Tuesday night when there’s actually room to move around without getting stampeded by the weekend crowds.

Turn Off the Computer!

We spend endless hours staring at our laptops and tablets, which, in case you didn’t know, can actually cause difficulty falling asleep. Many of us don’t get enough sleep to begin with, and the pesky light from our electronic devices is not helping. Do yourself a favor and keep the screens out of the bedroom, and turn those smart phones off. You’ll find that relaxation will be easier to achieve and you might just get that extra hour or two of sleep you desperately need. Remember: when all else fails, there’s always a bubble bath!

Online Training Can Help You Relax

If you still need help winding down, you can check out some online training courses  in the Coggno marketplace that were created especially to help ease the stresses many of us feel in today’s workplace. What’s great about those courses is that you can relax on your sofa or in your recliner while you read all about how to ease your worried mind.

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